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Blind Trust by Raci Ames (Woodland Creek Series) Spotlight

by Raci Ames

Part of the:  Woodland Creek Series.
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.

Blurb:  Healer Pia Matthews is just getting her life back on track after a fire left her blind. After months of depression and rehabilitation, she’s regaining her independence thanks to an Clark, a red wolf shifter who stays almost exclusively in his animal form and. He lived in the woods by her parents house,  watched her struggle during her recovery, and fell in love with from afar. When he overheard her need for a Seeing Eye dog, he followed her around until she adopted his wolf form.

Jeremiah’s a cougar shifter who moved to London to escape the animal inside of him, and to become the person he wanted to be. Though he built a life for himself and a business there, Pia’s handicap makes him question everything. He comes back to Woodland Creek to help launch the Apothecary and finds a wolf guarding her that he doesn’t trust one bit.

Pia’s need for both Clark and Jeremiah sets of a natural competition between the two that threatens Pia’s trust and safety. If they can’t resolve their animal difference in the human world, they will both lose her.


Smoke. It was everywhere. He choked, unable to see through it at all. He sniffed, concentrating to find the direction that offered the cleanest air, and he ran through a line of fire to get out. The forest around the cave burned quickly. Roaring flames raced from tree to tree, using the wood for fuel and growing exponentially each minute. The red wolf put his head down and ran from the fire at top speed, but it followed him, and overtook him, going out of the woods to a small cottage in a clearing.

There it stopped moving, but kept growing. He drew in huge breaths easily, and studied the structure.

At first sight it seemed abandoned. But more careful inspection revealed a sleeping form.

He steeled himself to go in for the rescue. The fire was his fault, and he was trained to help. But in his current form he wouldn’t be able to get the person inside out quickly enough without hurting them. He heard the sirens of fire engines far in the distance. They were more than likely headed straight for the woods, and even if they weren’t getting to her before the building collapsed was unlikely. He howled loudly, and forced himself to shift for the first time in months. The bones in his legs expanded painfully, fur succumbed to skin and his face condensed into human form. He stood naked and shaky in the clearing, sweating from the heat consuming the small building. He couldn’t worry about clothes, there wasn’t even time to get steady on his feet. Tripping gracelessly he ran into the house just as flames engulfed the front door. They chased him to the back, to a bedroom where he found a woman in the bed.

He ran towards, reaching out to scoop her from the bed, but just as he got her in his arms, the ceiling came crashing down and the combination of flames and oxygen crashed them to the floor.

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About the Author:

Raci Ames is the author of sexy romance novels that make your heart race. They write about couples that are gay, straight and everything in between. The one thing you can count on is that love wins. Always.

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