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Cap - Poetry by Kruze (VBT, excerpt and GIVEAWAY) ADULT title GFT

I have the pleasure of sharing a guest post by author Kruze, who tells us...

ELF:  What do you think is the strongest attraction about the genre(s) you like to write in?

K I am a fiction writer and I think the strongest attraction to this genre is the fact that you can tell any story you want. Everything about this genre has to do with the imagination and that allows an author to take their story as far as their mind allows them. There are many people who can only dream about the magic that occurs in fiction writing, so as an author it is our job to take people dreams and apply it to paper. That way when they read our stories we are able to give them the wow factor. That wow factor then allows the author and reader to create a connection or bond so to speak because they become one and are now on the same page. I once heard a comedian say that sometimes life gets hard that she does not think she is going to make it through the day. So she likes to come home and listen to music where the artist is singing or rapping about whatever their song is about and for a moment she forget what it is she’s going through. Well, that is what I want to do for my readers. I want them to be able to pick up my book or think about my work during their hard times and be able to escape their reality for a moment. Let my work be their place of comfort, their place to smile and not think about whatever it is that they are going through.


by Kruze
ADULT title

GENRE:  Erotic Poetry



Cap - Poetry is a compilation of short poems that'll have you shaking your head and dropping your jaw at the same time. The poems focus on love, sex, relationships, and life, all from the viewpoint of a Capricorn.




Standing at the alter waiting for my future bride.

Joking with my Best Woman but hiding how I feel inside.

Since many love us together I figured we should do this.

But deep down inside I doubt this would be marital bliss.

The song starts and our guests rise to their feet.

Sweat pouring down my face like someone turned up the heat.

Hands starts to shake and people think it’s my nerves.

But the truth is I’m mad because I feel marriage is for the birds.

Now I’m staring at the ceiling wishing that I could take it all back.

Why did I get myself in this? My thoughts are off track.

I need to buy some time to figure a way out.

How the hell did I let “Will you marry me?” come out of my mouth.

I blame my mom because they are too close.

I told her to chill out but she stays doing the most.

My sister was in on it too, even helped plan this thing.

Forcing me out of bed to buy a beautiful wedding ring.

Shifting my weight at the alter as panic is setting in.

How could I be marrying this girl when I’m sleeping with her friend?

Her family thinks that I’m perfect while I’m doing so wrong.

Telling her that I love her but hiding pictures in my phone.

I wanted to end this and tell her to find another fish in the sea.

She’s a lovely woman but just not someone for me.

The whispers bring me out my trance. “Here comes the bride,” they’re saying.

I see my life is about to end so I just start praying.

Lord if you get me out of this I promise not to return to this place.

I started to stop the wedding then realized it was too late.

My future bride is in my sight marching down in her gown.

Here she comes with her father, what do I do now?

I take his spot next to her and we continue making our way.

This is some bullshit. I definitely had better days.

“You may all be seated,” the minister said to our guests.

Then he continued with the ceremony as my heart race in my chest.

I make it to our vows, she went first with hers.

Damn, she should be with someone else because I’m not who she deserves.

I’m up next. It’s time to take my vows.

Take a deep breath and wipe sweat from my brows.

“You know that I love you.” A lump formed in my throat.

My mouth suddenly got dry as soon as I spoke.

“You’re okay!” Someone yelled from their seat.

But whoever it was definitely didn’t know me.

Tears formed in my eyes as I grab my chest then neck.

Everyone went into a panic when I hit the deck.

“Someone call the ambulance,” I heard my mother cry.

I rather fake a heart attack because marriage is suicide.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kruze is a proud produce of Philadelphia and the Founder/Owner of Urban Legends Publishing. While being educated at Parkway Program Marquita discovered her passion for writing. Ever since her discovery, she has not been able to travel without two essential things, a book and a pen. Stay up to date with the author through Facebook



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