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Blood Curse by Ella J. Phoenix (review) ADULT title

Blood Curse 

(Book 5 of the Dragon Heat series)

This is an ADULT title 

Genre – Paranormal Romance
Publication date – May 1, 2016
Publisher – Self Publishing
Word count - 98,500

Blurb:   Descendant of a Cherokee shaman, Dyam is one of the vampire king’s personal guards and closest advisors. He has seen the worst of mankind and has vouched to stay away from romance and focus on serving his king. However, his resolve is shaken when Naiah, the water witch, finds her way into the busy vampire castle’s life, and straight into his heart. But before he can nurture his feelings for her, she is killed in battle, causing Dyam to return to his self-imposed seclusion for good.
Little does he know that Naiah has been brought back to life by his kind’s most infamous enemies. She is their ultimate weapon in a final battle that will rupture not only the balance in the supernatural world but Dyam’s loyalty to his race.

***Warning: this novel contains hot, steamy, descriptive sexual scenes. Enjoy.***

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My review:

3.75 out of 5 stars

Blood Curse by Ella J. Phoenix is Book 5 in the ‘Dragon Heat’ series and centers around the complexities of the vampire and draco relationship which is threatened by the mating between the king of the vampires, Tardieh, and Zoricah, who is part draco but has the weight of her heritage that plays into the dynamics of the legacy they will leave.  Their enemies join together and create a surprising tool in the Phoenix, who has ties to both the water witches and the vampires.  Prophecy plays a major role in events, but Tardieh’s right-hand man, Dyam, is determined to do the best he can for all of those he cares about, including a being he never thought he’d see again, and he refuses to have his actions dictated by words of prophecy.

This sensual paranormal story is part of an imaginative series that follows a group of beings whose lives have intertwined despite the odds against it.  This close-knit group has been through major trials and opposition, but the tragedies they have dealt with have not prepared them for the revelations they are about to face.  The contrasts between the affection and love that characterizes several of the mated pairs and the evil actions by an unlikely alliance between a Daemon and a draco give a nice tension to the story that alternates between warm fuzzy scenes and spine-chilling violent episodes.  There are lots of unexpected revelations and it was wonderful to get a better idea of Dyam’s background and capabilities, and heartwarming to see his devotion and persistence in pursuit of his goals.

This series should be read in order, as each subsequent story builds on the one before.  I like that there are individual tales of the various pairs yet they all continue to appear in additional episodes and I was delighted that Dyam was finally able to move forward after his sad experience in the past.  The editing was a bit uneven but I was provided with an advance reading copy so it is my hope that things were polished before publication.  I wasn’t surprised by the somewhat heartwrenching ending, but can’t say that I was happy about it, and I have to remind myself that these are very long-lived beings so that one has to be patient while waiting for others to get their happy ending.  Obviously, another sequel is planned and I hope that reunions and another romance will unfold.  Given the creative revelations this author delights in, there are yet more surprises in store!

The series was provided to me for review

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