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Pork by R.S. Anthony (VET, excerpt and GIVEAWAY) GFT

by R.S. Anthony


GENRE: Contemporary Suspense Thriller



High school is torture for Steven Walthurst, and home isn’t a whole lot better. The only place that offers respite is an abandoned tree house at the edge of town. But something lurks in the nearby woods, and the long line of elm trees has a clear message for Steven: keep out.

Then one day, Steven finds a little girl lying unconscious, perilously close to the woods. As the two get to know one another, Steven experiences real friendship for the first time—and gets closer than ever to knowing the darkness that skulks between the trees.

He dedicates himself to keeping his new friend safe, but the tranquility of their fragile hidden world doesn’t last long. When an act of cruelty pushes Steven to his limits, his secrets—and those of the dark woods—come close to unraveling, threatening to destroy the one thing making his teenage life bearable. Can Steven save everything he’s built from crumbling under the pressure?


Exclusive Excerpt

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice trembling. “I’ll try to make it better next time, okay?” He had wanted so much to make his momma the best sandwich ever, to stop her from drinking vodka for dinner. And to like him just a little. The one time she had actually given him the chance to impress her, and he had screwed it up. His momma’s face was still hidden behind her hands. Her body shook, huge sobs escaping from her soft lips. Steven’s own eyes dribbled tears. He cried quietly, biting his lip.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated. His momma suddenly looked up with wild eyes, cheeks wet with tears. Her hair was disheveled and she was hunched. “If you don’t like it, you can have the juice and oranges instead. I’ll have the sandwiches and it won’t go to waste.”

Steven wasn’t sure if it was grief or disappointment that made her close her eyes. But when she opened them again, they held a streak of violence. She reached for the bottle of vodka and flung it with all her might. The bottle hit the wall and shattered into a thousand pieces. They both watched as shards of glass and alcohol went flying, and his momma began to wail.

“I’m sorry, baby,” she said through her tears. Steven was clutching his heart in fear and crying too, unsure of what to say or do. “I am so sorry.” She sobbed.

“It’s okay. I’ll clean it.”

“No!” she screamed. She sniffled and then softly added, “Go to your room, Stevie.”


“Go to your room now!” she shrieked, cutting him off.

Steven rose and went to his room, where he lay down and cried himself to sleep.

What others are saying:

“Stay with this new author. She’s impressive.” – G. Harp

“The plot is elaborate leading to an unexpected twist in the end which I loved. It is a very good read-- you won't be disappointed!” – D. Mantzari

“...makes for an entertaining read, just prepare yourself to have a few WTF moments while enjoying the experience...” – Book Mafia Blog

“The author has a lovely writing style with clear, sparse prose that allows the story to breathe. Bit by bit each character plays a part in unraveling the mystery...” – The Welshbird

Her debut fiction Pork can be found on:


NOTE: Pork will be free on Amazon June 21-23, 2016


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Rosemary Anthony writes suspense fiction with a twist. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Science Malaysia and recently made the jump from writing official documents to writing fiction novels. Blessed with 17 nephews and nieces, she finds the world of young adults to be a thrilling source of inspiration for her books.

Rosemary lives in a small town in Malaysia and travels as often as possible to broaden her cultural horizon. You can find out more about her books, giveaways, and new releases on:




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