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Unraveled by Jennifer Estep (review)

Jennifer Estep

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My review:

4.5 stars

“Unraveled” by Jennifer Estep is part of the ‘Elemental Assassin’ series and continues the adventures of the intrepid Gin Blanco and her brother-of-the-heart, Finn. An unexpected inheritance brings Finn and his circle to a wild-west resort where they not only get a chance to immerse themselves in the ambience but become embroiled in a treasure hunt where finding the prize becomes a matter of life and death. Memories of the past become even more crucial to their survival as nebulous clues help them find out more about the mysterious Circle, if they can live long enough to interpret their discoveries.

This urban fantasy tale combines all of the elements that I love about this series—glimpses of the remarkable powers that can be combined with unexpected effects, thrilling fights, the deep camaraderie that ties Gin and her posse together, and delightful twists. I confess that I was a little disappointed in a couple of the previous titles in the series as it seemed that there was a repetitive theme and predictability to some of the events but the past few books have reinforced why I enjoy this very lethal heroine and her activities.

The exposition of Gin’s background continues with this story that also contains enemies that threaten to give her a run for her money. I cheered briefly at the prospect of someone finally reaping a well-deserved end but my joy was short-lived, lol. I think that someone who loves kickass heroines would enjoy this story and could read it as a stand-alone tale but things will be much clearer if at least some of the previous books in the series have been read so that the interaction between some of the characters is clearer. There is a fair amount of blood and violence present, so one should have a fairly strong stomach, but the snarky interaction, exciting scenes of peril, and awe-inspiring abilities conferred by Elemental powers keep one enthralled in another great story by this talented and prolific author. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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