Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sell More Books with Less Social Media by Chris Syme (spotlight)

(I originally posted this on my editor's blog, so my apologies for the repetition to those of you who get notices from both blogs!)

I was intrigued by the opportunity to read and review a book called Sell More Books With Less Social Media: Spend less time marketing and more time writing by Chris Syme. I am very aware of the onus on authors to distinguish themselves in a morass of material that is getting more and more crowded every day, and, as a very busy editor and reviewer, I see the issue from both sides. Personally, I have steadfastly refused to join Facebook, both because I am a very private person AND because I love to enter contests and read blurbs and reviews (and jokes and recipes and…) and I suspect I would never get anything else done.
One of the multiple things on my to-do list is to write a review for this title, but I give it high marks for practical and straightforward advice, and with its fantastic pre-order price of $.99, I think that it would be a mistake not to add it to one’s library. Unfortunately, time is running out quickly, so take advantage of the great price!

(I will have my full review up soon, but am dealing with some personal challenges, so I am a bit behind. I can't stress enough how valuable I think this info is to authors at all stages of the journey and what a great bargain the advice is at this price, particularly with the online tools also being offered).

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