Thursday, January 5, 2017

A plug for the library

I've been fortunate to always live in a city that had plenty of branch libraries, and believe me, some of the branches used to know me very well. When I move to a new city, that is one of the first places I search out. Lucky for me, I have access to both a county and a city library system.

I have used many of the resources, including the online services that not only provide tons of classes at no charge, but also a music service that allows me to have 5 free downloads every week (with an amazing range of titles from classical to comedy to jazz to r&b), and wonderful reference resources. We check out DVDs that give us the opportunity to watch movies using the subtitles and munch our own snacks, lol. I have taken advantage of the free wi-fi services and enjoyed the activities sponsored, including book readings.

I have just become acquainted with their e-book service, that allows one to check out books in a variety of formats (I know, as if I need MORE books to read, lol). Most amazingly to me, one version is specifically designed to be read on the Kindle, can be checked out for up to 3 weeks, and remains in the history. I am still learning the ins and outs of searching through that catalog, but there seems to be a nice variety of genres represented. For those who prefer audiobooks, there is also a catalog of those to be enjoyed.

So...check out your public library, I think you will be wonderfully impressed at all of the resources!

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