Wednesday, January 25, 2017

At Close Range by Laura Griffin (review)

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4.75 out of stars

At Close Range by Laura Griffin is one of those stories you don’t want to pick up late at night because you won’t want to put it down and thus won’t get any sleep!

This romantic suspense tale showcases Detective Daniele (Dani) Harper as she takes the lead on solving a dual homicide, which forces her into close proximity with Scott Black, Delphi Center’s chief firearms examiner. The ex-military man quickly develops a personal stake in having the case solved, in more ways than one.  

I love that the women in this series are strong and capable and have fought to get to where they are, making them formidable forces. Dani is a fascinating combination of nerves and determination. I love watching the heat build between her and the sexy ex-SEAL who complicates her life and her case, as the action and danger only take brief breaks to allow their relationship to intensify. There were a couple of places that were a little awkward to me since her hard-won independence is being slightly undermined and that is complicating her responsibilities, which, while I understood the urgency…made me want to chastise a certain hardheaded male and his diversionary tactics.

This was a fun and breathtaking tale that gives great glimpses of a few of the quirky Delphi folks while keeping the reader on the edge of her seat. The danger escalates while the clues are being solved even as there is a momentous change in another couple’s lives, so it is lovely to be able to watch developments in both professional and personal arenas. I enjoyed this addition to an exciting series and look forward to meeting other charismatic folks having their own thrilling adventures.

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