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Dragon Wizard by S. Andrew Swann (review)

Dragon Wizard
by S. Andrews Swann

Blurb:  It has been a year since former thief Frank Blackthorne became Princess of Lendowyn and married a dragon.  He's coming to terms with his new life, but during the royal anniversary banquet, an elven prince reads a scroll of evil magic and Frank's world is turned upside-down. Again.

The scroll's spell causes a murderous rampage in a palace full of noble dignitaries, so it's no surprise Frank's visitors are angry. The Elf-King Timoras threatens war but Frank can't do anything about it: because of the same bit of scroll magic, the ex-Dragon Lucille has taken over the princess's body, unaware that Frank is still there, locked in her skull. And worst of all, the fate of everyone may soon rest on the shoulders of the man responsible for the whole mess, someone who should be safely dead...

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My review:

4 out of 5 stars

--> Dragon Wizard by S. Andrew Swann is the third in a set of books that follow the princess of Lendowyn and the thief who has captured her heart. Princess Frank and Lucille the dragon are about to celebrate their anniversary with pomp and pageantry when a guest sabotages the festival and causes yet another body swap. Unfortunately, things have not improved, and now time is running out for the kingdom of Lendowyn and maybe even for the entire human race, while Frank and Lucille are forced to learn how to work even closer with each other and maybe with a trickster god as well.

-->This fantasy novel --> is a fun and wacky story with plenty of odd occurrences and tongue-in-cheek humor. The role reversal and gender swapping that results in Frank Blackthorne occupying his princess wife’s body and her residing in a dragon is mind-boggling to begin with, but when even more magic is conjured, things get delightfully complicated.

I loved the oddity of this story and had no trouble getting involved with these characters despite not having read the previous books in the series, and I was laughing out loud at the descriptions of the attempts at moving a body that was under the control of two different consciousnesses not used to working in concert with each other. There are vivid characterizations and a fun mix of action and slapstick, even though there is a thread of evil and viciousness that provides impetus for the adventures. I think this was a very entertaining and exciting tale, and was fascinated at the dexterity with which the author conveyed the different voices located in atypical hosts.

Grab this book if you are a fan of fantasy quests with a twist, and enjoy the adventure!

A copy of this title was provided to me for review, a version of which was submitted to Night Owl Reviews

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