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Amber Eyes by Gabbi Black (Spotlight, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT ADULT title

Note from ELF: I am so thrilled to be able to share this post, as I have had the pleasure of working with this author, and I'm so pleased that her first print book has been released to the world! Congrats, Gabbi!

Gabbi Black
ADULT title

School principal Gage Clayton is still grieving the death of his wife and submissive, yet he can't ignore his Dominant needs. As he enters Club Kink, he's inexplicably drawn to a newly released sub with an intriguing proposition and the most captivating amber eyes. But she has disturbing baggage and her expectations prove quite a challenge, one that would necessitate a commitment he's not ready for.

Rielle Reid needs a Dom while she waits for her former Master to return. When she invites a handsome stranger to her home dungeon for a night of play, she's surprised at his gentle dominance—and her response to it. But in the light of day, his demand for equal footing confounds her. After living four years as a twenty-four/seven slave, she has no concept of how to be anything other than property.

Gage must find a way to master Rielle to free them both from the shackles of the past.



“I want to be available to dedicate myself to my Master.”

“Your Master released you. Or…” Was she…? “Are you looking for a new Master?”

Her mouth opened, but no sound escaped. She made a second attempt with the same result. Finally she simply said, “I want my Master back.”

Like I want my Cara back.

“Rielle, you realize that’s probably not going to happen. If he’s gone vanilla by choice…”

“In his heart, though, he’s a Master. It was his destiny, as it was mine to be a slave.”

The word gave him shivers. He’d never met someone involved in a complete and total power exchange, and he was intimidated. What would it be like to be totally responsible for someone else? “Why did you go to Club Kink last night?”

Her eyes misted. “He used to take me there. He always wore a mask, but he liked the thrill of going out in public with the possibility of discovery. When we scened there, it was intense, and when we came home, it was explosive. Those are the times I remember most vividly.”

“What about those private moments when it was the two of you? Those moments of shared intimacy?”

Her gaze sharpened. “The intimacy came from me serving him, not shared memories.” She scowled. “You don’t know what it’s like.”

“To be so involved with someone you lose who you are? No, I don’t know what that’s like. I know what love is, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you had, and I’m sorry for you.”

“Love leads to losing control. I might’ve been the slave, but at least I chose to be that way.”

He didn’t understand, and maybe he never would. “I should be going.”

She looked neither surprised nor disappointed.

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About the Author:
Even though Gabbi Black is a firm believer in happy endings, she makes her characters work for it in every romance she writes, no matter what the genre. From contemporary to BDSM, they are penned late at night in her home on a beautiful British Columbia mountain surrounded by magnificent trees and every conceivable woodland creature—including bears. She also writes gay romances as Gabbi Grey.

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  6. I love books and stories relating to BDSM. It's a genre which many do not understand and few write about it. I would definitely want to read this book and will look for more books by this author :)

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