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Lacey Goes to Tokyo by C.H. Lyn (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

by C.H. Lyn


GENRE:   Suspense/Thriller



International travel means international danger.

Lacey Devaine is a four-year veteran of a spy ring which fronts as an exclusive escort service, Miss Belle's Travel Guides. Maintaining her cover is Lacey's number one priority to protect the integrity of the operation she works for.

While on assignment in Tokyo, a nosy newspaper reporter threatens to blow the lid off a scandal that will put dozens of innocent lives at risk. To protect her cover, Miss Belle is called in to act on intelligence Lacey has uncovered.

Can these beautiful, intelligent, and deadly women complete this assignment in time and emerge unscathed? Or will this mission be their last?




The blade I planted in his shoulder now dangles from his left hand. Fresh blood—my blood—coats the metal. His right arm hangs, useless, at his side.

He snarls at me with yellow teeth. He lunges forward again. The blade swings toward me, and I parry with my machete. The effort sends a burst of pain down my arm and into the left side of my back.

He swings again, and I step to the side, leaning my upper body to the right. We dance now. Circling each other. My left arm will not land a functional blow. Not with blood still dripping down from my shoulder. His right arm continues to swing. More blood pours from him than me.

I reach up my right hand and tug down my handkerchief. I breathe deep, easing the pain in my shoulder and preparing myself for the next attack. I switch my machete back to the right hand.

He shouts something. My grasp of the language is bad—at best—but I know what a cry for help sounds like.

“No one can hear you.” I spit blood at him, laughing.

Laughing during a fight knocks people off their guard, especially if blood is leaking from between your teeth at the same time.

His eyes widen. He says a few words and his gaze darts around in frantic movements. It lands on me. I catch his eyes with mine and don’t blink.

“The rest of your friends? They’re dead.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. Growing up in a college town meant I experienced a wide variety of people and opinions. I like to think my stories reflect the vast differences in the people I've met.  I love to travel. I want to explore the world around me while writing about the worlds in my mind.

I grew up with a steady diet of wonderful stories set in amazing worlds. I've read almost every series Tamora Pierce has written, and I am a crazy fan of the Hunger Games series. My nerdiness also encompasses the Harry Potter series, LOTR, and (to an extent) the worlds of superheros. Though, my husband is really head of DC knowledge in the household. He is also the most amazing source of support I could hope for.
I'm 26 now. My daughter just turned one. She is already so smart, curious, and beautiful. I want the female characters in my writing to be inspiring, not just for her, but for all the little girls who grow up reading.  



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My review:

4.25 stars

Lacey Goes to Tokyo by C.H. Lyn features a unique escort service that is run by two determined women, Miss Belle and Marissa, who use their staff to pull off unexpected and lifechanging tasks. Assigning their seasoned operative, Lacey, to an assignment that forces her to confront painful aspects of her past may prove fatal to not only her, but to the whole organization.

This suspense thriller is part of the ‘Miss Belle’s Travel Guides” series and has surprising twists and turns even as it provides a roller-coaster ride of tension and excitement. Told in alternating points of view, the action shifts from country to country as the stakes get higher and higher. Those who are squeamish or have triggers should be advised that there is a fair amount of violence as well as allusions to sexual abuse and exploitation.

Although I frequently winced at the horrific situations some of these folks endured, I was enthralled by the kick-ass heroines and their ability to accomplish seemingly impossible feats. There are a lot of dangling threads that make me think there must be other stories in this series (to come?). I love the little tips that comprise the “travel guide” (e.g. having your house sitter find your ammo cache probably won’t end well) and the elements that evoke James Bond and his gadgets and I look forward to reading more stories about these frighteningly capable women.

A copy of this title was provided for review