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The Tiger Like Me by Kelsey Lee (Spotlight, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT



The Tiger Like Me


Kelsey Lee




GENRE: Children's






The Tiger Like Me is the story of a brave young girl who dares to be different. Following the call of her adventurous spirit, she encounters inspiring creatures of the jungle who remind her to face her fears, recognize the beauty of the present moment, and to walk the path less traveled.






Mom always tells me, “You need to slow down, and dress up like a princess, wearing your crown.”


Silly Mom, if only she knew. I don’t want to be pretty, and part of the queue. I have so many adventures to create and pursue.


I’d rather be wild and do things that shock her, than dress up in a gown, feeling improper.


Abhi’s my name, and adventure’s my game. My heart is open and it cannot be tamed.


Whatever the quest, I’m up for the mission. Limitless wonder, or focused expedition.





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Kelsey Lee is a writer and adventurer who lives in Calgary, Alberta. With a diverse background from business owner to yoga teacher, most often, you can find her writing, working with children, and exploring all that nature has to offer. Kelsey finds daily inspiration to value child-like curiosity and empathy through her two children, and her work in Equine Therapy. As a free-spirited child herself, Kelsey has always believed that anyone could achieve their wildest dreams, no matter how far-reaching. She passionately encourages self-empowerment and self-esteem, as The Tiger Like Me, aims to support the reader in honouring their individuality to be courageously unique, and playfully curious.










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 My review:

3.5 stars


The Tiger Like Me by Kelsey Lee is an illustrated lyrical story of a young girl, Abhi, who is a rebel in her family and doesn’t conform to the behavior of her seven sisters. Her trip to the jungle allows her to find a kindred spirit in a tiger who encourages her to be all that she can be.


This children’s story has an inspiring message and vivid and entertaining drawings. I liked the way the tale encourages individuality and diversity and following one’s heart. I was a little disappointed that the heroine does not seem to be a person of color in the drawings even though the clothing depicted at the beginning and the proximity to the jungle gave me the impression that the story is set somewhere where that is the likely ethnicity. I also thought that some of the word choices might be a little difficult for younger children to comprehend and the rhythm of the verse is occasionally a little erratic. However, the bright and cheerful drawings and the positive message make this a great story to teach children about being confident in following their heart.



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