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Finding His Home and Finding His Boy by K.D. Ryan (Spotlight and reviews) ADULT titles


Finding His Home

Safe Harbor #2

ADULT title


 K.D. Ryan




RELEASE DATE: June 1st, 2021

LENGTH: 90,000 words approx.





Grant finally found his boy, and Elliot finally had his Daddy—age gap be damned.

It’s perfect, until Elliot is faced with some big decisions—decisions that only he can make.

Are Grant and Elliot just playing house, or are they finding their home?

Since meeting Grant, everything had been a whirlwind for Elliot. But now, they’re together. They’re happy. And the chemistry is explosive—it was more than enough for both of them.

Sure, they were both juggling busy work schedules—Grant was wrapped up in finals at the University, and Elliot was consumed with ballet. But they were making it work, still making time for each other and exploring their new dynamic.

Then suddenly Elliot’s ballet career takes an unexpected turn that reveals the fragility of their new relationship. Add in a startling revelation about Elliot’s dire financial situation, and everything Elliot thought he knew about himself and where he belonged is turned upside down.

As far as Grant is concerned, everything comes down to what is best for his boy—but how much is Grant willing to sacrifice for Elliot’s happiness? He wants to give Elliot everything—but he knows that isn’t always the right answer. Is he starting to build a life with Elliot just to have everything ripped away once again?

Finding His Home is the second book in the Finding Duet taking place in the Safe Harbor universe and should be read in order. This book is an 80+K word slow burn, steamy romance that features a Daddy/boy relationship between two consenting adult men, and is intended for a mature audience. No age play. Dual POV.

TW: Mention of sexual assault, mention of drug use/overdose.

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Just a dreamer fueled by coffee who’s been writing about love that comes in all forms since she got her first word processor. Passionate bibliophile and lover of science, caretaker of humans and friend to dogs.


My review:


 4 out of 5 stars


Finding His Home by K.D. Ryan is the second story in the 'Safe Harbor' series. This adult gay kink romance continues immediately after "Finding His Boy" as Elliot adjusts to both his well-deserved promotion and his relationship with Grant as his Daddy. Multiple shocking surprises turn his world upside-down even as he is exploring their shared kink, and they have to figure out if their relationship will be able to weather all of the challenges they are facing.


A great continuation of the saga of the relationship between two men who have found the perfect partner in terms of sexual tendencies and romantic expectations. I love that Grant is encouraging of his shy and inexperienced Elliot and that Elliot is actively involved in establishing the parameters of the bond. Steamy and emotional and uplifting. There are a few strings still dangling, so hopefully there will be additional stories featuring this striking couple.

A copy of this title was provided for review



4 out of 5 stars

Finding His Boy by K.D. Ryan is an adult gay kink romance that provides an informative and sensual description of two lonely men who enter into a relationship that suits their desires and proclivities. Having been on his own since he was sixteen, Elliot has struggled to achieve his dream of being a star with a ballet company, despite dealing with crushing debt and having no support system. College professor Grant has never moved on from the crushing blow his last submissive dealt him a decade prior. He doesn't expect the attractive eighteen-year-old to fire up his Daddy instincts to protect and nurture, but he can't resist the urges to help alleviate Elliot's burdens. They both have a lot to overcome, both personally and in dealing with outside perceptions, but if they can find a way to trust, they both will be the richer for the connection,


Nicely portrayed, with both sizzling and emotional exchanges. Some things are left unresolved, but the story picks up again in the sequel. I enjoyed the way each man gradually explores what he wants in the relationship and how natural the progression of their trust is. I’ve always been a little wary of this type of kink, but this story did a great job of showing how each partner has a need that is fulfilled by adopting these roles.

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