Monday, September 5, 2011

Blood Challenge and Slow Ride

I am a fan of Eileen Wilks and she just keeps reinforcing my love of her Lupi series with each subsequent novel.  Unfortunately, I have had Blood Challenge sitting on my TBR pile for several months but finally took the plunge since I also have the sequel, Death Magic to review.  I am in awe at her ability to create a perfectly believable world that she still manages to stretch the boundaries of imagination as she adds new and amazing twists.  Lily Yu and Rule Turner have settled more comfortably into their love for each other and are still going forward with their controversial decision to marry.  Cullen and Chynna play a role in this complicated novel that introduces someone who becomes essential to Benedict but there is yet another mantle in peril which would unbalance the packs even more.  Lily must face the very real danger to those who are around her even as she strives to better understand her own abilities.  An exciting read that still underscores the deep emotions of the lupi.

Slow Ride (reviewed for NOR) by Erin McCarthy was pretty slow for me.  Plenty of the author's trademark sensual scenes but a relatively unremarkable read but I don't know how much of my distancing is the resonance with the heroine, Tuesday Jones, mourning the loss of a parent as I am myself.  I think I don't like her retreat into the wine bottle as a coping mechanism (I don't drink so that is not an avenue I would pursue) and her heedless abuse of those around her who forgive her because they love her.  The love scenes are hot but the story was less intense than some of the others in the series.

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