Saturday, September 3, 2011

That special something that grabs you

Those who know me are aware that I read an incredible number of books (she says modestly).  I have toyed for years with the idea of writing one myself and my husband always tells me that I should, especially when I guess where the plot is going on the movie we are watching.  I just have never thought that I have that spark that some authors do which just carries you along.  Many of the books that I read have the right elements (and yes, I don't think a book is worth reading if it doesn't have that HEA--happy every after ending because we have enough to depress us in real life without being depressed about some fictional character!) but they just don't quite sync together enough to make me want to know what is going to happen or care about them.  It's hard to put my finger on exactly what that special spark is which of course drives me nuts as a scientific person so I waffle about what I would write and then, how does one find someone who "gets" what you're writing about?  There are all of those editors who rejected some of the well-known authors of today and conversely, there are those books that I can't imagine having been published at all.  I will continue to ponder away and one of these days....

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