Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lazy Sundays, Kiss of Frost, Golden and Captive Surrender

There's nothing more delicious than remaining in bed with a good book (and the iPad for a rousing game or three of Word with Friends) for a leisurely morning.  The thunderstorms of yesterday have passed through so there is no longer the musical rhythm of water beating on the roof but the air is delightfully cool so there isn't that urgency to get up and escape the heat.
Some of the most recent titles read include the entertaining addition to the young adult series Mythos Academy that Jennifer Estep is penning, Kiss of Frost.  A new addition to the tales of Gwen Frost, a gypsy teen who lost her mother to what was supposedly a tragic accident and who subsequently has been thrust into a bewildering world that includes Valkyries, Spartans, and others who have an intimate knowledge of gods and goddesses.  Gwen not only has the typical discomfort that comes from being the relatively new student in school but she has been thrust into a millieu that is comprised of wealthy teens who take their privileges for granted.  Added to this is her unusual ability to touch items and either know their history or details of the people who have touched the item (the gift of psychometry).  Gwen gets to battle a Reaper who has targeted her even as she struggles with her attraction to Logan which doesn't seem to be returned and she reluctantly attends the greatly anticipated (by her classmates) Winter Carnival.  Reviewed on the Night Owl Romance site.

Also read thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press were the two erotic entries, Golden by Joely Sue Burkhart and Captive Surrender by Linda Mooney.  Golden is a pretty intense novella centering around an Emperor's consort who has been trained to serve with her acceptance of pain and suffering as a sexual tool.  Well-written and a nice demonstration of the dangers of court life with its protocols and machinations but probably not to everyone's taste.  Captive Surrender has a Star Wars flavor with its wide variety of aliens but with a very spicy twist since the two main characters are forced into a sexual relationship for the titillation of subscribers around the universe.  The condemnation experienced for breaking the taboo of interspecies sex is a perfect example of the inflexibility of laws with no allowances made for extenuating circumstances.  Interesting premise and it would be nice to read additional adventures featuring the two former law enforcers as well as more in-depth descriptions of the backstories which were lacking in this tale.  Another tale not for the squeamish and the mating ritual is inexplicably barbaric but the overall story was entertaining.

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