Friday, September 2, 2011

Giving in to the pressure

Ok...I have steadfastly resisted doing the Facebook or Twitter thing.  I evidently signed up to Twitter once upon a time because my brother contacted me...much to my surprise!  I have an opinion about just about everything but am never sure that anyone would actually be interested in hearing about it.  We will find out!

I have been frantically reading to try to catch up with the myriad of library books that will be due over the next couple of weeks.  Fortunately, I only have two review books that are due by the 6th (!) but somehow I have eight or nine that will be due by the end of the month.  Added to this is the fact that I overextended myself to send books to one of my adopted soldiers in Djibouti so I have very few credits on PBS and am at the top of the list for several titles on my wishlist.  A couple of the people that I regularly trade with are very patiently waiting for me to pay them so I have to get some books posted so that I can earn credits.  Finally, I made it to Borders which is having its last 10 days of existence sale (boo-hoo!) so that I added 23 books to my very tall TBR pile.

I gave up on Home Improvement:  Undead Edition because it was just too morbid for me, especially freshly recovering from the very uncomfortable experience of having pneumonia just last week.  I am currently reading Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare for my own entertainment (although I have FINALLY gotten a copy of the first in the series, it is next on the TBR), just finished editing Eric Johnson's Another Day in Paradise and am almost done with Blood Rock by Anthony Francis which was offered in an e-mail in return for a review.

I guess that will be it for now...

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