Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeri Smith-Ready online party 1/25/12

Jeri Smith-Ready has fascinating and imaginative stories including the trilogy that started with Shade, Shift and Shine (which will be released in May).  She is holding a "TeamKilt" party on Burns Night (as in Robbie Burns)...and everyone is invited.  TeamKilt invitation
Unfortunately, I don't 'Tweet' so I won't be participating but it sounds like it could be fun for those of you who do.

The Shade trilogy:
This young adult series is emotionally intense and a very imaginative treatment of ghosts and the angst of leaving childhood.  The intense world of the music industry and the passionate emotionalism that only youth can bring to their interests is brilliantly conveyed in both books that are fantastic reads.  My Goodreads reviews are at these links...Shade and Shift
Looking forward to May and the end of the trilogy!

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