Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oracle's Moon

My review isn't live yet on Night Owl but I really enjoyed Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison.  The puzzlement when the powerful Djinn Khalil interacts with the Oracle Grace (introduced in the previous tale, Serpent's Kiss) and the hilarious results of his encounters with her orphaned niece give the story excellent light spots.  A different perspective is given for the prickly Oracle herself as the reader and the arrogant Djinn get to see more of her life.

The following is from my Night Owl Review, the link will be added for the complete post once it is live but this should whet your appetite for now (-:

"A fantastic and enthralling addition to the series.  Harrison continues to weave her magical spell that combines realistic occurrences and pragmatic concerns with mystical beings who learn that there are compromises that still need to be made even if one is an immortal being with unimaginable powers.  The snarky repartee and enchanting confusion generated by an immortal and immensely powerful entity being faced with childish logic make this another entertaining read that will provide a whirlwind ride through a world peopled by vampyres, griffons, djinn and the like.  Make sure you don’t start this unless you don’t have anywhere to go or anything else to do because it will grab your attention and keep you hostage until the end comes all too soon.  Another very enjoyable read."

Thank you to Netgalley for making it available to read...alas for too short a time!
I received a free copy (temporarily) of this title in return for an honest review.

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