Sunday, January 29, 2012

“A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing” by Terry Spear continues the saga of the Greymere werewolf pack which has relocated to Oregon after the life changing events that caused them to leave their long-term locale in California.  Meara is temporarily alone but Finn Emerson suspects that she is about to become a target for an assassin out to kill her brother, Hunter, his SEAL comrade.  Meara has never found the wolf that she has wanted to mate but some of that she blames on her overprotective brother so she plans to take advantage of his absence by inviting males to stay at the cabins she is renting out.  Finn has his own opinion about Meara’s plans, especially once even more alpha males start appearing as well as assassins who apparently have no trouble finding the attractive alpha female.  His attraction to her makes him reconsider his own peripatetic lifestyle as he fights to keep the stubborn female safe from mysterious males such as Bjornolf while defending his claim against the subleader wolves who may also have an interest in her.  Shared danger and mutual passion cause Finn and Meara to face a few major decisions about where they want their lives to go, especially since Meara keeps sending out mixed signals when the other wolves try to flirt with her.  They will have to stay alive long enough to work out their relationship and its impact on Hunter and the rest of the pack.

An entertaining light read that gives a glimpse of some of the members of the Greymere pack as they deal with the reorganization that has occurred.  Finn is an attractive alpha male and not used to staying in one place but he feels a strong sense of responsibility for his SEAL teammates.  Meara is vaguely dissatisfied with her life and has decided that it time to take matters in her own hands but must remember her status within the pack when making her decision.  The mysterious alpha males that seem to come out of the woodwork and the uncharacteristic actions of some of her pack members make Meara a bit unsure which seems to contradict her alpha status but the story is still a nice mixture of suspense and paranormal elements, albeit a little choppy.  Perhaps a familiarity with all of the previous books in the series would help give a deeper perspective.

I received a free copy of this title in return for an honest review.

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  1. That definitely sounds like my type of book. Thanks for the review.