Friday, January 27, 2012

A Perfect Storm connections

It's amazing.  I posted my review about Lori Foster's A Perfect Storm a few days ago ( link) and I woke up one morning and discovered that quite a few people (for me) had looked at it!  I was flabbergasted because I have no idea how they found it.  I have a very small number of followers (and I greatly appreciate every one of you...although I am never sure whether it would be nosy to ask how some of you found me so I reluctantly refrain) and I am always amazed to see the different countries that pop up when somebody from that country evidently visits.  It is a puzzle to me how someone in Guatemala or Serbia or Russia or Germany or some other country finds my blog. Hopefully one of these days some of those visitors will make comments so I can interact with them directly!  

Anyway, I was gratified to realize that some people were reading the review because I was very disappointed to realize that I hadn't requested to review the title for Night Owl Reviews in time and it had already been assigned to someone else!  That is one of the drawbacks to using causes a bit of confusion because some of us go wandering there and request titles directly and of course the authors in high demand get requested by several people.  I pondered about what to do because I feel it is important to repay the gift of having received the title early by publicizing it as much as possible (especially because I really liked this book!) and I know that not many know about my blog.  It occurred to me that I could post it on my Goodreads shelf.

I usually try not to put my Night Owl review books on Goodreads because I think that it could be a conflict of interest, especially if the review isn't 'live' yet on Night Owl's site.  (Publishers like the reviews to be released right around the same time as the book is so sometimes I read a book 2 or 3 months before its release so I am 15 or so books past by the time the review actually gets posted to the public...and I forget to go back to put the review on Goodreads).  Now I have started transferring some of my reviews to Amazon (it turns out that I can use my Night Owl reviews provided I give them the proper credit) and I am slowly watching my ranking improve...which evidently happens when people push the 'yes, this was a helpful review' button.  I had been slow to post reviews on Amazon because I thought I would have to write a fresh review that was entirely different from the one already submitted to Night my problem will be keeping track of when reviews can be accepted for books that I have read in advance.

Ok...back to why I was so excited.  I received a 'like' on my Goodreads shelf for my review of A Perfect Storm.  That was nice.  What was even better was who it was from!!!!   The author herself!!!  What a thrill to know that Lori Foster read my review and liked it.  I will be in a happy haze for awhile  (-:   So hopefully, your interest is piqued and you will read the book for is well worth it!  Hmm....I guess I should go post it on my Library Thing shelf also....


  1. :-) Authors love seeing enthusiastic reviews. Thank you for that. As to how some found your site... Weeeellll.... if I saw the review and liked it, then it's pretty possible I shared a link on my FB. Hope that's okay. I often share stuff with my FB and Twitter followers, especially awesome stuff. ;-)
    Hope you have a wonderful day - and thank you for the terrific review.


  2. I love Lori Foster, her books are great. I've been a fan for a long time. You already know I found your blog because we visit some of the same blogs like SOS Aloha and I clicked on your name which led to your blog. :)

  3. Thank you both for your quick replies. Mary, I appreciate that you frequently comment and am grateful that Kim (at SOS Aloha) made it possible for us to connect. I enjoy your blog as well, especially the quirky pictures that you share!

    I am thrilled that Lori Foster thought enough of the review to share a link and I hope that everyone enjoys her newest release! I definitely am going to have to get a FB account!

  4. Let me know if you get a fb account. :) If you think my blog has quirky pictures wait until you see what I post on