Friday, July 6, 2012


Hope everyone who celebrates July 4th had a great holiday!  My mailbox today seems to have several offers of on the covers for the link to Amazon.

Gemma Halliday is offering Hollywood Scandals



Jade Lee is offering Burning Tigress


as well as other goodies.  From her newsletter:

Yes, this is the newsletter of freebies, so get it now while it’s still available. Have you read any of my Bridal Favor’s series? The first title is ENGAGED IN WICKEDNESS and you can get it free here.
WEDDED IN SCANDAL isn’t free. Sorry. But the excerpt is and it’s really funny! Here’s the link. Hope you managed to get Engaged in Passion for free on the Heroes and Heartbreakers website. If not, you can get it cheap here. And there’s an excerpt too!
WEDDED IN SIN goes up Aug 7, but you can read the free excerpt here

Happy reading!


  1. Thanks for the heads up, freebies are always nice.

  2. You may have to give up and start reading e-books Mary! I still have more trouble keeping up with all of the titles since it is so easy to download them...and it still drives me nuts trying to find my place when the machine hiccups as I am changing my page but I have to admit it is much easier to store them, lol.