Friday, July 13, 2012

Aloha and Mahalo Kim, Pamela Clare!... and a couple of contests (updated 7/21)

Aloha Kim (and her fans).  I was really touched to be interviewed for your blogpost today (link) and I really appreciate all that you have done to introduce me to so many wonderful authors, especially since I was being such a wallflower at the Romantic Times readers conference when it came to Los Angeles.  I am looking forward to seeing you again at RWA in Anaheim even though we communicate relatively regularly.

I have started attending chats...both Night Owl Reviews (link) and Writerspace (link) and have had the chance to interact with some fascinating characters (ahem, I mean authors, lol).   Sometimes the most fun happens after the chat is over...e.g. I attended the Writerspace chat last night (sitting in a McDonald's parking lot, of all places----but I did buy something from them so I wouldn't feel guilty, lol)....and it wasn't until the chat was over that Pamela Clare appeared!  She was very gracious and spoke with the few diehards that were still hanging out (yum, there will be at least another I-team* and two or more MacKinnon's Rangers books!).  I eventually packed up my tent and left since it was raining but she was still chatting when I tiptoed away.  I love her I-team books and some of her scenes are written from personal experience since I read once that she indeed had an accident on the mountain and knows the pain of dealing with broken bones and trying to reach assistance.

I team novels:

and there's a novella featuring the I team...

*see comment below...straight from the author's keyboard...3 more I-team novels in the works!!!!

MacKinnon's Rangers novels

And, those of you who love contests as much as I do

The Romance Reviews site is having their Sizzling Summer Reads party at this link.


Romance Books '4' Us is having a Christmas in July contest (although sadly I have not found the 20th link still!) at this link.
   Have a great day wherever you are and good luck!


  1. I adore Kim from SOS Aloha. She is wonderful. She got some information and keepsakes from Pearl Harbor where my great uncle is entombed with the USS Utah.

    Thanks, ELF, for the post! I'm glad you're excited about the additional I-Team and MacKinnon’s Rangers stories. Probably three more I-Team total and two more MacKinnon’s Rangers.

    See you in Anaheim!

    1. It was a thrill to have the opportunity to chat with you. I will have no trouble remembering that the next I Team book will be out in my birth month of March! I look forward to reading it!

  2. Wow, were you really under canvas? In the UK you would have been swept away with all the rain we are having.

    1. Hi David...

      What we laughingly consider rain you would consider a 'cup' of water! I imagine the Olympics are going to be pretty soggy! And no, I was actually in my car but I was afraid that they were going to come out and ask why I was taking up one of their parking spaces for so long...even though I did buy a drink!

  3. Loved your blog post at SOS Aloha!

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  5. Thanks for visiting Mary. Kim is great at asking thought-provoking questions...then I started worrying that I was writing too much, lol.