Monday, July 23, 2012

Wonderful ways to start the day cont'd + ADULT only titles

Ok, I admit I got a little distracted yesterday by my discussion about croissants (yum).  I like making sandwiches from the ones they sell at Costco© also...and, if you do buy them in bulk and don't eat them immediately, cut them in half (so that you have a top and a bottom), wrap them in whatever you like (we use those plastic bags with zippers) and freeze them.  That way, you can take one out and pop it into the oven and then you can put jelly or butter or both on and have a great snack or you can just sit one out and by the time you get all of your sandwich items together, it has defrosted enough to be perfect by the time you are ready to eat.  Ah well, distracted again!

Anyway, the other reason it was a great way to start the day is that I have been winning books and my e-mailbox had several lovely surprises!  Be forewarned, these are all adult only titles.  Please continue only if you are 18 years or older.

I won a copy of Deviant Knights by Alexandra O'Hurley and my other prize for Eden Bradley's blog tour promoting her newest release Fallen Angel (although I can't wait for Temptation's Edge in August and I enjoyed Sanctuary which is out now!).  That was a great tour because I won 4 different e-books!  (reinforcement for following blog tours)    I also won Finding Sean and Finding Jen by Eileen Ann Brennan and Alpha Mountie  by Lena Loneson.  What a fantastic weekend but how will I ever catch up?  A nice problem to have, lol.


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