Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yum, croissants and other wonderful ways to start the day!

Yes, this post will have almost nothing to do with books (unless you count the crumbs that I am spilling in the one I am trying to read while eating aforementioned bakery item!).  One of my favorite things to eat are croissants, particularly chocolate-filled croissants (I didn't say it was healthy, I said it was my favorite thing to eat!), followed by crepes (hence my strong desire to visit Paris one of these days).  I have dragged my poor husband to many an odd location in my search for a particular city's offerings.  My latest find that I thought I would share with you is the line of frozen croissants available at the Trader Joe's© stores.

Yum!!!  I started off trying their chocolate-filled version and then discovered they have plain ones which are ALMOST as tasty...who can beat freshly baked buttery croissants?  Flaky and warm...a fantastic treat.  Now they have added almond croissants to their repertoire and I must confess...I am now torn between the chocolate and the almond for which is my favorite.  The only drawbacks are that you have to be organized enough to take the frozen dough out the night before so that it can proof (rise) overnight or at least 8 hours and...we are having slight trouble with the cooked croissant sticking to the aluminum foil we used but that can be alleviated by a little oil or butter (careful, it can burn) or a non-stick pan (for those who don't mind washing the extra pan).   My husband is always looking for a way to keep me away from my favorite bakery restaurant, lol...and these just might do the trick--provided he finds a way to bake asiago bread as well!

Ok...back to the books...I have had the great fortune to win several books over the past few days as well as have been promised an interesting book for review by a new to me author, Clifford Dunbar.  That book is titled, Silver's Treason, and it caught my eye because it is about a dog with paranormal abilities, combining two things I really like!  Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks before I will be able to get it read but I am definitely looking forward to it.  The author is having a contest on his Facebook page (see the comment section below, thank you Mr. Dunbar!) so you can win your very own copy as well!


  1. Mmm chocolate... You really know to attract visitors to your site with _that_ choice of topic!

    The above-mentioned contest kicked off a few days ago and I have gotten some nice responses. I invite you to my FaceBook author page at to see the specifics; for now I'll just say that I wanted to draw attention to International Assistance Dog Week and help out a worthy cause. I hope you'll take a look.

  2. I love croissants and croissants and chocolate..what could be better. Well, a free book..that might be the only thing that could be better. lol Thanks for the heads up on both things.

  3. There are TJ's in Vegas...have your family wander through the freezer section (and their chocolate bars and macadamian/milk chocolate or almond/dark chocolate lacey cookies are not bad either!).