Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Because of You and Until There Was You

Because of You and Until There Was You

are two wonderful but intense military romance titles.  These are not the books to read if you are in search of a light airy romance but rather if you want intense characters dealing with realistic issues who are struggling to balance a life and an overwhelming desire to serve their country no matter the cost to themselves.  None of the characters presented is perfect and most have tragedies in their respective backgrounds that have helped form them into the flawed but heroic fighters that they are.  The author deftly provides us with a glimpse into the grittier results of war and helps sensitize us to the myriad of issues that face any person who serves.

I confess to being fairly annoyed that the first book in the series ended without resolution of something that was fairly major to my way of thinking but I was temporarily mollified by the knowledge that I fortunately had the second book in the series waiting to be read.  Hah!  The two are not directly connected and it turns out that the exposition I am waiting for will not be until the third book...which won't be published until next year!  Grrr.   That being said, am I sorry that I read these?  Definitely not!  I actually became caught up again in the stories immediately when I referred back to my notes before writing the reviews (yes, there is a problem when one lets 8 or more books stack up before writing their respective reviews, lol).  I certainly hope that we will see more of all of these fascinating souls in future tales.

This author has a terrific ability to pen an emotional tale that is immersed in realism (although I confess that some of the military logic escapes me and I am woefully naive about command structure and the like).  I thank the author and her husband for their service and salute their respective families for the sacrifices that they have undoubtedly made. 

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  1. Might just have to wait until all three are available and then get all of them and read them. Thanks for the review.

  2. You could read the second one first...it was a great read as well and not so much of a nebulous ending. I hope for more stories about many of the characters but I wasn't so frustrated, lol. The first one actually does resolve things between the main couple, it was just one of the secondary pairings and the indirect effect on the hero that was left unresolved. I am just weird, I prefer to have everything nicely tied up by the end.