Wednesday, October 31, 2012


by Violette Malan continues where Mirror Prince left off.  It is much better to read that one first because this is a very intricate fantasy world.  This author has such a wonderful ability to create intricate worlds and complex characters that it is always a delight to read but one has to pay pretty close attention to what is going on.  I liked the twists in this book and, although it took me awhile to remember the events from the first book, once I was in the proper 'world', I enjoyed the tale. 

My Amazon review for Shadowlands is at this link and for Mirror Prince is at this link.

I am very fond of this author's other series that features the characters of Dhulyn and Parno.  These are fun fantasy books with swordfights and plenty of quirky characters.  Start with The Sleeping God and continue from there.  All of them were a lot of fun and excellent sword and magic adventures.  My Night Owl Reviews are at this link.



For all of you who are reading this on October 31, 2012---Happy Halloween!  Be safe and don't overdose on the candy and treats!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on that.

    Hope you had a great halloween.

  2. I did, although I shouldn't have bought bubble gum to pass out...we weren't home in time to pass out candy and now my jaws will be sore since I can't resist sneaking into the bag. I have got to go ahead and pack a box for my soldiers and remove the temptation, lol.