Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reflected in You (Adult title)

Reflected in You (Adult readers only)  

by Sylvia Day is part of the 'Crossfire' series and continues the intense emotional story that introduced the complicated relationship between Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell, both very emotionally scarred individuals who have found a kindred spirit in one another. Bared to You is the first title in this intense series and I feel it is analagous to the reluctant rubbernecking people feel for serious car accidents.  One doesn't really want to see the gory parts but still can't help looking.  These people have a very tortuous relationship and Eva's roommate Cary has intimacy issues of his own and they all have had terrible events in their backgrounds.  The searing intimate encounters seem to burn too hotly to maintain but these people are just as passionate about events outside of the bedroom as in it and their respective obsessions continue to complicate their lives.  It doesn't hurt that Gideon is extremely rich and powerful and able to provide experiences most of us could only dream of.  This story depicts the struggle to cope with the issues that threaten to destroy the flowering relationship but naturally, there are episodes of backsliding just as progress is being made.  The problem is that there are potential threats to Eva's life, not just her mental health the solutions to these threats may require radical action.  A startling revelation at the end of this particular story again threatens to either derail or permanently cement the relationship but it is certainly an impressive statement.

This author is an expert at combining very sensual encounters and searingly emotional scenes that remain with you long after you read the book.  I am glad that it took me awhile to read this particular story because it means that there will be a shorter wait for the next in the series, Entwined With You which is supposed to be released in May, but I am still drumming my fingers!

My Amazon review for Bared to You is at this link.


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