Friday, January 11, 2013

The Reunited (adult title) and musings about 'help' in the kitchen

The Reunited    
by Shiloh Walker is the wonderful addition to her FBI psychics series.  I am not a fan of flashbacks in novels but found that this particular story was given even more depth by the connection between the main characters in two different time periods.  There are quite a few inventive creations with respect to psychic powers demonstrated by the various characters in this particular novel and the idea of a psychic 'mirror' who can temporarily take on the powers of others fascinates me.  There are other novels in this series (The Missing and The Departed) but this novel can be read as a stand-alone and it reminds me why I am such a fan of this author.  I certainly hope there are more novels in this intriguing series.

My Night Owl Review for The Reunited is at this link and the book itself will be available in early February.  There are two contests available for Ms Walker's works at this link and this link.


Ok, so I am the first to admit that I can be a hazard in the kitchen.  I tend to either be reading something or playing one of my games (I am a big 'Words by Post' fan and recently have gotten addicted to something called 'Gems with Friends') so I have been known to let things boil out, forget to turn on the oven, etc.  That being said, I rarely ever have any major catastrophes (we won't mention the time I set the stove on fire when I lived by myself for the first time while I was in college) so it tends to irk me when my hubby calls himself 'helping' me when I am trying to cook something.  He is a very methodical scientific chef...fancy thermometer, timer, scale...because he likes reproducible results.  I, on the other hand, like to throw things in and find out what will happen.

I posted about the wonderful soup recipe I tried making with some of the leftover ham from Christmas at this link.  Naturally, once I find something easily prepared (and since we still have plenty of ham left in the freezer)...I tend to do it again.  Even better when it is something tasty that I can whip up in less than an hour and have enough left to eat on another day.  So, having had such spectacular success the first time...I started tweaking things.  I thought that the soup was a little salty when we reheated it (presumably, after the ham had a chance to permeate more) so, the second attempt included less chicken bouillon.  Unfortunately, I also spent less time cooking the roux therefore the soup was not as creamy.  My hubby loved it...(I am also a thick oatmeal consumer versus his preference for 'soupy' oatmeal) but I was less pleased with it although I admit that it was still pretty tasty., we get to today...when Ms absent-minded forgot that she was almost out of bouillon (1 cube left) AND hubby became alarmed at my version of potato peeling and took over the peeling and cutting up of the potatoes.  One should not complain about having someone who wants to help, should one?  Not unless that person in his infinite wisdom also decides that the potatoes have previously been cut up into too small chunks...grr...and increases the size of the cubes.  That, of course changes the cooking time...and the soup was not only undersalted due to the smaller quantity of bouillon being added but also because the potatoes were large enough that the seasoning did not penetrate as well.  Sigh.  It was still hot and nourishing and the grated cheese definitely jazzed it up but I think it may need more salt when we reheat it tomorrow.  So, I should quit whining...but I do anyway...if I want 'help', I ask for it but I hate it when somebody summarily decides I should be doing things their way and changes what I am doing.  It's probably more a case of 'I can dish it out, but I can't take it', lol.  That's ok...I got back at him by changing his cookie there!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I too love Shiloh Walker. Will have to check out these books. Thanks. I like your method of cooking! So what if it never comes out the same. That is the adventure. And salt is easy to add if needed. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks for visiting. I like simple recipes...although, now that I know I can successfully make a roux...the horizons are opening up, lol. Enjoy Shiloh's book and don't forget to enter her giveaway on Goodreads!

  3. Oops! Forgot to post the link...I have updated in the body of the post...there is a giveaway on Goodreads and one on Shiloh's blog.

  4. I love Shiloh's books. Thanks for the update.

    LOL@ you and your hubby cooking. Ken knows to stay out of my kitchen while I'm cooking unless he wants to take over and do it all himself. He will come and stand and watch me and try to tell me how to do it 'better'. yeah like that's gonna work out well for him. LOL

  5. Yeah...we've had variations on this in the the point where I tend not to try to cook meat...I just let him take care of it and I have to admit that he does a wonderful job. I figure it's not worth fighting over and it frees me for more time to read, lol.