Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Snow Globe (and adventures with tea)

The Snow Globe is a short story by Donna Collins that is a sweet magical tale.  A Lord's daughter has followed her heart and married a blacksmith but her father is not content to merely disown her, instead he elects to wreak vengeance on the happy couple.  Their love will have to be strong enough to break the evil spell he arranges to have cast. This very quick read is a lovely fairy tale that reminds us of the importance of having faith in the one you love.  This title is available through Still Moments Publishing at this link.


Twining Teas offers free samples and I have had the opportunity to try a couple of flavors that I would never have tasted otherwise.  I generally drink decaffeinated tea with occasional forays into Earl Grey or chai so I was intrigued to try Lady Grey and I still need to try the sample of Almond Chai that I was sent.  I am amazed by the number of flavors that have exploded onto the scene and have tried quite a few new ones over the past few months (although I was disappointed to discover that the Sapphire one didn't turn the water blue when I tried the unused bag that I had kept from my introduction to it several months ago--yes, little things fascinate me).  I am still trying to decide what I think about the Chocolate Chai flavor.  It seems to me that chocolate should be rich and creamy (we make ours with hot milk rather than water) and tea is best with cream (or half-and-half) and honey.  I am still trying to decide if there were just too many flavors competing, I guess I will have to try it again.  Oh well, this is the perfect chilly weather to curl up with a hot drink and a good book...


  1. I got a sample of Earl Grey and lady Grey too. I liked both of those.

  2. I hadn't tried Twining Teas before I started getting their samples but I am glad that I have had a chance to try these flavors and now I am passing them out to my friends and family for them to try as well!