Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Flesh Cartel (ADULTS ONLY title)

 ADULTS ONLY:  Please leave the page if you are not an adult reader

Warning:  These are extremely dark and horrific tales that are definitely not going to be acceptable to some readers.  Extreme sadism is pervasive throughout the work thus far.

“The Flesh Cartel #1:  Capture” by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau is the beginning of a very dark serial novel that follows two brothers, Mathias (Mat) and Douglas (Dougie) Carmichael who are kidnapped and sexually tortured for unknown reasons but end up in a mysterious processing center.  Each brother has different assets (physical versus intellectual) but their close bond with each other may be the only thing that gives them a reason to survive.

“The Flesh Cartel #2:  Auction”  continues the saga as the brothers have been partially broken down into merchandise existing to satiate the lusts of their captors while piquing the interests of those who traffic in sexual slavery.  The physical and psychological torture takes an even more intense turn as Dougie is forced to make a harsh decision that may destroy his bond with his brother forever.

“The Flesh Cartel #3:  Choices” definitely focuses on the power of choice, even when one is as powerless to defend oneself as each of the brothers is.  A trainer has purchased both but surprisingly is more interested in Mat even though Dougie was assessed as being the more valuable commodity by his captors.  Psychological abuse takes a primary role even though the physical torture continues to be a well-utilized tool.  The training begins to condition each brother for his ultimate fate.

This sobering tale of torture and abuse provides a frightening look at a dark underworld that caters to very twisted individuals.   The sadistic guards who delight in raping and torturing their new captives and the impassive processors who add to their misery provide a dark and disturbing start to the serial which only becomes more intense with each subsequent chapter.  The study of the levels of torture that it is possible to inflict and the differing reactions of the victims make this a compelling although uncomfortable read.  It is impossible to determine how these victims were chosen and the serial nature of this makes it a cliffhanger so one wonders how these poor guys can survive what they are going through.   It is difficult to decide what I think about this and the question is whether I can stomach reading more and whether there will be any redemption or a satisfying answer to the mystery although I can’t help but hope there will be eventually be some redemption.  One wonders how the human spirit can overcome such cruel abuses and those who are victims of abuse themselves will undoubtedly find that this is a tough read but hopefully there will be some salvation although it is difficult to conceive how sufficient restitution could ever be made for such heinous crimes.

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