Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dragon Ship, Reminders about giveaways and other details

Dragon Ship       
by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is part of the space opera saga about youngster Theo Waitley and is set in the Liaden Universe that features wonderful science fiction romances.  I am always fascinated by the interesting elements that these authors include in their stories, including the Tree which is at the heart of Clan Korval which is oddly sentient and has a propensity for gifting seed pods at unexpected intervals.  There are also the ponderously wise norbears who calm those around them, an opinionated ship, and my favorite scene was a remarkably compact package which starts out as the contents of Theo's room but folds itself up at the touch of a button.

This particular portion of the series centers around a girl who was raised in a matrilinear society with a famous and well-respected mother but whose father seemed content to remain in the background until one day he disappears.  Slowly, his family discovers that he has an entirely separate life that they knew nothing about and the results are far-reaching and cause reverberations to the framework of their lives.  Theo is thrust into a bewildering network of machinations which eventually result in her becoming in possession of an ancient ship which is capable of training her and wants her to bond with it.  My Amazon review is at this link.


Giveaways and upcoming posts:

Don't forget there is a giveaway for the paranormal title Just Breathe, enter by leaving a comment at this link BEFORE February 7, 2013.  Please remember to leave a valid e-mail address along with your comment.

There are also two great authors (Randi Alexander, author of the Cowboy Jackpot series and TJ Shaw, author of Caller of Light) visiting over the next couple of weeks...and both are offering e-books for giveaway prizes.  Stay tuned!