Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fondled and Gobbled (ADULTS ONLY)


Fondled and Gobbled:  Someone Had To Do It

is an anthology of erotica parodies written by five talented writers who obviously enjoyed wreaking havoc on the popular tropes and descriptions of the genre.  Cassandra Carr does a hilarious thinly-veiled version of a naive yet unflaggingly lusty virgin (reminiscent of the star of a very popular erotica trilogy) appropriately named Steele Ana being initiated into all sorts of things, including some of the less desired sequelae of unhygienic sexual encounters with a “Wild Fantasy Hero”.  Danica Avert’s “Cookie Bound” pokes fun at the feasibility of wildly ripping one’s clothes off and indicates that size does matter if technique does not compensate for it, not to mention the necessity for stamina and lack of muscle cramps to keep one in the proper mood.  “Moonlust Paradise” by Lea Barrymire is a very over-the-top science fiction satire of alien sex stories that includes a being with an unpronounceable name and an overabundance of male equipment that produces remarkably tasty treats.  Ordering fast food has never had such a salacious result as it does in Piper Trace’s “Slave to the Sausage” since the Broadshaft Brothers really believe in delivery service that keeps the customer in ecstasy.  Role reversal in the m/m BDSM story, “Surprise Submissive” by Anya Richards featuring an angora-wearing bespectacled Dom sporting an impressive weapon of his own rounds out this entertaining collection of short stories.  A very fun read that is both stimulating and likely to make water snort out of your nose!

Please join the authors at the Night Owl Chat on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 5:00 PST at this link.  It is sure to be a hilarious 90 minute chat!


  1. Thanks! Just wanted to make one correction - the chat starts at 5pm PT. :-)

  2. Uh oh, sorry, you are right! Thanks for visiting and for catching the time!

  3. They are hilarious stories...and there is already one sequel with more on the way...it's so funny because they poke fun at things that I snicker at.