Monday, February 11, 2013

Hidden Heat

Hidden Heat    

by Leah Braemel is the fourth book in the ‘Hauberk Protection’ series and  showcases agent Troy McPherson and normally unobtrusive Hauberk office assistant Sandy Hallquist who has gotten tired of waiting for him to recognize that she wants him.  Troy is not only surprised to discover that Sandy shares some of his predilection for kink but that she wants their relationship to be exclusive but with no strings attached.  Sounds perfect for him, or does it?  Their matching passion makes him wonder about a deeper relationship but his checkered background and dangerous profession makes him reluctant to pursue anything more significant, at least that’s what he tries to convince himself of until danger stalks the woman who has managed to get past his defensive barriers.

This erotic romantic suspense novel is an exciting read that mixes adventure and passion in an entertaining story.  The dominant men who staff the Hauberk agency and their contacts throughout their community utilize their skills to obtain justice and adhere to their own warrior code and standards of behavior.  The women who find places in their lives must be just as strong in their own fashion, if only to cope with the danger their lovers fearlessly confront.  Sandy is an interesting contradiction in behavior, combining her (usually) discreet behavior at work and her wildly passionate side when she gives her trust.  I was a little disturbed at her obtuseness with regard to her roommate and thought that her acceptance of Troy’s background was a little disingenuous but the overall story was nicely spicy and suspenseful.  I look forward to reading more about the  intriguing personnel of the Hauberk Agency.

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