Friday, February 22, 2013

The Black Prism and The Blinding Knife

               The Black Prism      and       The Blinding Knife 


 are two books by Brent Weeks which are part of the remarkable 'Lightbringer' series. These are very hefty books but the action never ceases and the developments that turn the story takes keeps the reader constantly guessing about who to root for.  The creative analysis of the colors that make up the spectrum and the attendant characteristics of each color was fascinating to me.  There are some scenes that aren't for the squeamish but the imagination showcased in these stories is formidable. One of my biggest (literally) problems with this series is that the books are quite large and my wrists are protesting (as well as my eyeballs) because I never want to put them down until I am done.  The events that unfold keep me constantly guessing and I love the surprises that turn things at right angles, just as I think I am following a path.  The second book reminds me of some of the things I most enjoyed with Dave Duncan's 'King's Blades' series because it showcases youngsters being honed into remarkable warriors.  There are breathtaking fight scenes interwoven with a fascinating story that showcases the importance of mental and physical prowess and, while I didn't like some of the choices made by the characters...I could certainly see why certain decisions were made.  Great books but make sure you have plenty of time to absorb them!  My Night Owl reviews are at these links:  The Black Prism and The Blinding Knife.

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