Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flowers blooming and learning resources

Beautiful weather lately (if you can deal with the pollen that is being distributed by the winds) and we are already getting blooms!  My Mahalo iris plant has lovely reddish-violet blooms and I can't wait for the other iris to display its beautiful bi-colored blooms.. It's funny, I bought both plants from the local iris society through a serendipitous visit guessed it...the library!  I cannot stress how useful one's local library is to anyone who wants to learn about new things and I am delighted that I learned about these new varieties of iris which are fortunately still alive despite the very harsh frosts we had this year.

I am VERY fortunate in that the library in my city belongs to a large county system and the next city down the freeway is only minutes away yet has its own collection that frequently receives and catalogs new books before my local library.  Needless to say, for awhile I had notoriety at both places but I have settled down to a dull roar because I have so many review books to write up and I am starting to receive more edits which keep me very busy.

Nonetheless, I remind you of the other resources that you can often obtain through your library, including but not limited to:  basic educational instruction and/or assistance with homework (particularly helpful when faced with children's homework nowadays), learning new languages through Mango (I was startled to show this aspect to a friend of mine and have her exclaim "Greek"--since I had not even noticed that this was one of the languages being offered), car repair resources such as the manuals for many makes and models of cars and many other things, and, at least at my local county library...access to the wonderful online university 'Ed2Go'.  I knew that there was no way to keep up with classes for this session given the number of titles I was juggling but I have managed to take several very useful classes through long as I enroll through my library site, I can take up to three classes and use the code that I obtained through my library card.  What a great bargain and a wonderful way to keep the brain stimulated (and occasionally frustrated, lol).

And, speaking of flowers blooming...the poppies (Calilfornia's state flower) are well in bloom, just in time for our local Antelope Valley Poppy Festival which celebrates everything related to the California Poppy (except, perhaps, the drug related references, lol).  It will take place over the weekend of April 20 and 21 and usually includes live entertainment, lots of vendors and food, and interesting displays.  Alas, it is the same time as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books so you can imagine which one I am most interested in...particularly since I have discovered that Robin Hobb and Raymond Feist are having a discussion!  (after all, I have poppies growing in the backyard...and I can always drag the hubby--and his breathing mask, poor guy--to the Poppy reserve, lol)


  1. My thoughts to your hubby on the allergy issues. Ugg it's that time of year. I love the warm weather but it sure would be nice to be able to breath while I'm enjoying the warm weather.

  2. The saddest thing is that where we live...Spring is a fleeting season, we are usually VERY hot or very cold, lol.