Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A free read (for adults) and other erotic tales plus a couple of chat announcements


Success, finally!  The talented Randi Alexander has been trying to make her ADULT short story, A Gentleman and a Cowboy, available for free on Amazon but it has been a struggle for the past few weeks.  Please click on the cover above to be taken to Amazon (and, if by chance you should buy anything while you are wandering around, I will earn a small percentage for the referral, so thank you if that happens).

I have also been reading sizzling ADULT stories by the delightful Cassandra Carr and the prolific and impressive Cheyenne McCray. 


Impact by Cassandra Carr is the start of her fantastic adult 'Buckin' Bull Riders' series which centers on a Dom who is trying to keep his BDSM proclivities discreet until a sexy novice submissive overwhelms his intentions.  Whew!  Definitely a read to warm up a cold day.  I will get a review written up this weekend.

Forbidden by Cheyenne McCray is the first book in her sizzling 'Seraphine Chronicles' which is an erotic paranormal series being re-released with beautiful new covers.  I have not had the pleasure of reading these before and am delighted to have the opportunity to read them.  Yum!

And....Tonight ONLY, April 17, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. PST...there are TWO different chats featuring another couple of my favorite erotic romance authors...MAYA BANKS and SHAYLA BLACK.

Shayla will be at the Writerspace chat at this link!
and Maya will be at the Romantic Crush Junkies Review (RCJR) at this link!

I have never visited the chats at RCJR so I don't know how they work but I will give advice about participating in the Writerspace chat.  It probably will be on protocol which means that they don't want everyone bombarding the poor author with lots of questions at your turn!  Type a question mark (?) and wait for the moderator (Lea or PaulaL or BadBarb) to call on you.  I usually type a '?' and then start typing my question WITHOUT hitting 'send' until I am called upon.  That way, you can check for typos and you don't make everyone wait while you type your question.  If you want to save a copy of the transcript of the chat there is a little icon to the far right at the bottom just above where you type your questions (next to the icons for bold, underline, etc.), click on it and it will open an new screen with everything that has been said from the time you entered the chatroom.  Click on it at various times throughout the chat to make sure you get what is being said most recently.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed Impact. Conner's a pretty popular hero. ;-)

  2. Thanks for visiting Cassandra! He is definitely a swoon-worthy hero, I look forward to reading more in this yummy and sizzling series.

  3. I love Cassandra Carr's books. Thanks for letting us know about the others.

    1. Oh thank you Mary! I really appreciate the support!

  4. I have A Gentleman and a Cowboy in my to read pile. It sounds great and I can't wait to read it.