Thursday, April 18, 2013

Uncommon Pleasure (adult title)

Uncommon Pleasure     
is an ADULT title by Anne Calhoun that contains two novellas that are linked. 

There are several nice elements that give this story its depth and I particularly enjoyed the fixation with Sean's muscle car (blue Shelby Cobra) and the complications from Gretchen the dachshund.

My review:

Uncommon Pleasure” by Anne Calhoun is a volume containing a pair of steamy romance novellas featuring a couple of sexy military men and the women they are reluctantly interested in. “Over the Edge” features Ty Hendricks who has reluctantly maintained contact with his former Marine companions but he continues to keep himself closed off as he deals with the repercussions of a horrendous event during his military career. Geologist Lauren Kincaid is attracted to the taciturn man she notices as they both work on an oil rig but his determination to keep his distance and the weapons he is willing to employ to maintain his isolation may be more than she can tolerate. “All on the Line” continues the tale of Sean Winthrop, a colleague of Ty, who has his own very complicated relationship with the woman he rejected while he was deployed. Abby Simmons has moved on after the harsh brush-off from the Marine that she had given her heart to and she is struggling to balance all of the demands on her. The last thing she needs is Sean back in her life but he has a very different opinion.

This spicy read will undoubtedly irk some readers who dislike the cruelty inherent in both heroes but the very starkness of their characters is what makes them so alluring to me. Each of them definitely makes very serious errors but their unflinching self-honesty and their intense passion about all of the aspects of their lives gives them depth and humanity. The women in these stories are amazingly strong and flexible and the strong sense of self-worth that their actions reflect make them excellent opponents to the sometimes remarkably obtuse men they have become so attached to. The intense emotionalism and roller-coaster nature of the troubled relationships are offset by the unquestioned loyalty and sense of responsibility displayed in the lives of these military men who have a little trouble adjusting to the concept of having a woman exerting such influence on them. There are very erotic encounters in both novellas and a sizzling menage scene in each which severely complicates the lives of the respective participants but the attraction of this book for me is the raw emotion and glimpse into the sacrifices made by those who serve and the lasting impact of this service on their personal lives. None of these characters is perfect but they have value to those around them and people who are willing to fight for them and who remind them of what and who they have dedicated their lives to protect. Naturally, I hope to read more stories of these men and those around them after getting glimpses of several intriguing secondary characters.

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  1. Thanks for the review, it sounds like a pretty good book.

  2. I definitely will be looking for other titles from this author!

  3. Great review. This sounds like another interesting one for me to check out