Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring has sprung

And, unfortunately, it is definitely allergy season.  I don't suffer as much as my poor hubby who has gone through years of allergy shots and, although much improved, is really having trouble when he goes outside this year. 

I am thrilled because the poppies are already in bloom (we live in the city that celebrates the California state flower and we are near the Antelope Valley Calfornia Poppy Reserve), my iris are growing stems and should bloom in a few weeks and many things are turning green.  I am less thrilled because the aphids, caterpillars and other garden pests are also thriving and I was pretty disturbed to discover all of them flourishing when I attempted to pick collard greens to cook for my great-aunt yesterday.  I am fortunate that at 95 years of age, she has very simplistic tastes and all she asks is that I cook them with a little onion and garlic.  Even I can manage that...although I did forget to look at the time because I was reading one of my editing manuscripts so I had to keep poking the greens to assess their tenderness. 

My great-aunt, Pilar, is a very fascinating person who is still very coherent and was still using public transportation as recently as a year ago.  It is amazing to talk with her and hear about her travails when she and others were imprisoned in a concentration camp in the Philippines.  Thankfully, she was eventually freed and brought to the United States where she raised a wonderful family and has enriched many lives with her stories and her pragmatic advice.  And yum, the lumpia (Filipino eggroll) that I blogged about a few months ago, was made with her very expert assistance...I am in the process of coaxing her to repeat the experience, lol.

Speaking of yummy food...

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  1. I have allergies too. I found out I'm allergic to the olive tree's and Mulberry bushes here in Las Vegas. It's such a pain.

  2. Sadly, my hubby tested positive to most of the local grasses, trees and weeds! If you go out, you may wish to wear a mask, especially if it's a windy day...otherwise you need to remember to keep your windows closed at this time of the year.