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Dark Duke by Sabrina York (review) ADULT title and a few CONTESTS


This is an ADULT title

Dark Duke: 3 by Sabrina York is a delicious erotic historical romance that spotlights Edward Wyeth, the Duke of Moncrieff, as his world is turned upside-down by his visitors, particularly the companion who accompanies his cousin Violet, Kaitlin MacAllister. Edward’s secret vocation requires a very open-minded person to accept and it never occurs to him that the mousy Scot, Kaitlin, has her own secrets that will make her a perfect foil for him, if only he can get past her formidable barriers. He undertakes to educate her in sensual matters, but never expects that the pupil will surpass his expectations, with a surprising aid that he doesn’t expect.

The wonderful combination of heat and humor in this story reminds me of why I enjoy this author’s works so much. There are intriguing twists on some of the conventions of historical romances combined with a intense sensuality that is offset by the mischievous antics of the hellraisers who have invaded the Duke’s life. I love that he grows throughout the story and embraces the people who have turned his life upside down, despite a series of unexpected developments. Things got a little murky for me toward the end as the madcap action intensified but I suspect that illumination will be provided in a subsequent story and I can’t wait to read more in this series.

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This series is as follows:
1 Folly
2 Dark Fancy  (a prequel to Folly--in fact, all the subsequent books happen before Folly. Defiant finally catches us up to the time stream
3 Dark Duke
4 Brigand: 4 (companion book with Dark Duke)
5 Defiant: 5


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