Monday, October 13, 2014

Outing the Quarterback by Tara Lain (review) (ADULT title)


(ADULT title)

Outing the Quarterback by Tara Lain is a delightful m/m contemporary erotic novella that is the first in a new series. William Elliott Ashford III (aka Will Smith) has it all, a reputation as the star quarterback of his college football team, the captain of the cheerleading squad as his girlfriend, a custom blue Ferrari, and a great future in the business world. The problem is, he lives in a double closet—not only does he want to pursue a career in art instead, but he hasn’t publicly admitted that he’s gay. A competition for a highly coveted art scholarship pits him against Noah Zajack, the man who threatens to turn Will's world upside down and makes him take a good look at where’s he’s going. The question is, will he continue to live a lie or will he show the same courage in his personal life that he displays on the football field.

One can depend on getting a story that combines poignancy, heat and a thought-provoking challenge whenever one reads a story from this author. The delicious combination of carnality and humor leaven the harsh truths that are presented, as some of the realities that face those who are attracted to the same sex are explored. The wonderful imagery presented is excellent at reminding us that each person can see the same thing in quite different ways and I was struck by Will’s description of a scar as a vehicle to provide a contrast...”The scar reminds you of just how perfect the rest is”. What a wonderful way to focus on the positive aspect of something that others would judge as ugly. I enjoyed watching Will learn to cope with the challenges of living in his truth and thought that Noah was a beautiful example of triumph over adversity, particularly in his responses to his creepy teacher (who I would like to see get his own comeuppance as well). The intriguing aspect is that Will’s own life has had challenges to overcome, despite the superficial appearance of perfection, and again reminds us that nobody can truly know what another person’s life is like unless we live it. Another great story that explores the damage caused by discrimination even as it provides a heartwarming and entertaining read. I look forward to learning more about the secondary characters as they get their chance in the spotlight.

A copy of this title was given to me for an honest review 

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