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The Last Ten Pounds: One Woman's Lina Sage ADULT title (VBT, guest post, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

I am happy to share a guest post by author Lina Sage, who answers the question:

If I’d never heard of me would I read my book? Why?

LS: I would read my book if I’d never heard of myself because I’m a big fan of memoirs and spiritual/self-help books and my book is a combination of those two genres. Not to sound narcissistic, but I really wished there was a book like mine available when I was going through my rock bottom. There were plenty of self-help books out there and, believe me, I bought and read many of them. I never felt like it showed me ‘the how’. Rather, I found that those books always talked about how you would feel once you arrived to that better place in your life. I read the words on those books blankly because the destination seemed fantastic but I needed to know how I could get to that better place. I was in need of guidance and someone that I could read about and relate to.

Studies have shown that 1 in 5 girls are victims of child sex abuse, although the actual number could be much higher as most cases of abuse go unreported. I was one of those girls whose cases went unreported. I, therefore carried the pain throughout my adult life resulting in immense self-hatred.

With my transformation, I realized that forgiveness was the key. It's not as simple as accepting an apology from those who have wronged you because if that were true, why do so many of us recant the past, bringing that person's wrongful action up every time there's an argument? True forgiveness can only happen when you relinquish that person's power over you, claim it for yourself and not allowing the name of that person to trigger any emotion from you.

It took me years to exist in the space I do today. My memoir, The Last Ten Pounds, started off as a personal project to help me process, deal with and heal from the emotional traumas from my past. It originally started off as nothing more than scribbled notes in my journal. Before long, it had filled an entire book. That’s when I realized that my personal project was so much more than journal entries. It was meant to be shared with the world and maybe along the way help to inspire people in their own personal struggles. If I my book can do that than I have done my job.


The Last Ten Pounds: One Woman's Journey to Love (by shedding Fear, Anger, Hatred...and Everything In-Between)

by Lina Sage
ADULT title

GENRE: Memoir



Shortly after I was born, my family left Vietnam’s strict Communist regime by escaping on a tiny fishing boat in the middle of the night.

Luckily, Canada accepted us as refugees and we were excited for a new beginning. However, any hopes of a brighter future vanished before an abusive alcoholic father who’s repeated physical violence against my mom left me screaming for any stability. Sexual, physical and emotional abuse clouded my childhood years leaving me so damaged that it changed who I was meant to grow up to be.

In my early twenties, I bought a house and converted it into a full blown marijuana grow op.

Soon after, I entered into the world of elite call girls and became one of the most sought after girls in my agency. By my late twenties, I was on top of the world and the proud owner of a multi-million-dollar luxury day spa.

Just when I thought I had it all, I made the ultimate mistake that ended in me losing everything and hitting rock bottom.

I was spiritually broken and in desperate need of healing. I had no choice but to reconcile with my past. This decision brought me down a miraculous journey that opened me up to consciousness and enabled me to exist in the space I do today; that of uninhibited peace.

The Last 10 Pounds: One Woman’s Journey to Love (by shedding Fear, Anger, Hatred…and Everything In-Between) is my personal journey and a testament that it is possible to heal and transform. To be the person you were born to be.



Flashing red lights and turbulent commotion outside made me abruptly wake up to a scene of a dozen men who were heavily armed, dressed in full on black armor and gas masks, jumping out of what looked like black SWAT vans. I was anesthetized in my own trepidation; unable to run or hide. All I could do was stand by my window. As if in slow motion—taken straight from the movies—I watched these men approach my house. You couldn’t engage in an illegal grow op for long without getting busted and I had enough marijuana plants in my house to face a strong conviction. In that moment, my usually rapidly thinking brain, experienced the unusual phenomena of an outer body experience where time stood completely still and I felt like I was listlessly floating amongst the clouds. Harps played in the background replacing the loud bangs of the SWAT team trying to break down the door. And just as if I was protected by a sea of angels, I slowly came back to my body and realized that the loud bangs were that of my neighbor’s door and not mine. The SWAT team had veered off to my neighbor’s house without me even realizing.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Lina Sage is a writer, speaker, producer and entrepreneur. She is the creator and founder of Chic Spirituality; a movement whose philosophy is to live your life with heightened awareness by surrounding yourself with things you deem beautiful. Lina believes balance of mind, body and soul, is the key to unlocking all things beautiful. Therefore, she enjoys physical activity to maintain a strong body and meditation to calm the mind. But she especially cherishes time spent with her beloved husband and dog because they are what brings her soul the greatest joy. Lina also likes to surround herself with great food and exotic travels around the world.

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