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Jillian's Touch by Jax Jillian (spotlight)

Jillian's Touch
By Jax Jillian
Release Date: December 27th 2016

 Jillian's Touch takes readers on a journey with Nathan Long as he struggles to find Jillian, the mysterious woman who wrote him a love letter. After a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Nathan Long has received a second chance at turning his life around. Battling depression since his parents were killed several years ago, Nathan feels lucky to be alive. With the support of his friends, shrink, and a new girlfriend Stephanie, Nathan feels ready to move on from the suicidal thoughts and reckless behavior that was consuming his life.    But when he receives a letter from a woman named Jillian claiming to be the love of his life, Nathan's focus turns to finding out who she is, and if she is in fact real. When Nathan finally finds Jillian, he learns that the circumstances surrounding their time together are beyond anything he could ever imagine. 


My dearest Nathan,

You don’t know my face, but you know my touch. You don’t know I exist, but you have felt my love. I have caressed my hand upon your face countless times. It is a touch that has not only saved your life, but mine as well.  A touch that has marked the beginning of a new life for me, even though it may be a life that I have to live without you. If only you could remember…

Just remember Nathan. Try to remember my touch. My caress would take away your pain and your fears.  A brush of my fingers would reach the depth of your soul and calm your sorrows.

Try to remember our love. A love that was so bright, even the darkest days seemed a million miles away. A love that made everything and everyone else disappear, and you and I were the only ones with the world at our feet.

Even though we spent just a small moment in time together, it was filled with a love that will last a lifetime. If only you could remember. You and I had a special place we would go. A place you told me no one else knew about. Do you remember? You called it the place where only you and I could shine. 

Just remember, Nathan. Remember the night we made love. The night when you gave me this beautiful necklace.  I don’t want to let go of it, but if it means you remembering, then I have to. I need to.

Close your eyes and go to that place. I will wait there every night for you. Every night until you remember. And if you never remember, I will still go there and I will continue to wait. Hoping, believing, and shining for the both of us.

Love, Jillian

Jax Jillian

Jax Jillian was born in Albuquerque, NM but before she turned a year old, her parents moved east to Harrisburg, PA where she was raised. After graduating high school in 1995, Jax attended La Salle University (1999, B.A., Communication), Temple University (2001, M.Ed, Sport & Recreation Administration), and Central Pennsylvania College (2005, A.A.S, Physical Therapist Assistant). She settled in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and son before she became a writer. 

Jax found a passion for motion pictures at a young age when she remembers “getting lost” in films, and that passion ultimately led her down the path to writing. she loves “getting lost” in her writing and particularly loves writing heartfelt love stories with a touch of tragedy which she believes is the key to truly reaching readers. 

Jax is the author of Larkin’s Letters and Ryan’s Letters, two contemporary romance novels that have seen early success from reviewers, with both averaging 4.8/5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. She is currently writing her third novel and aspires to write a screenplay one day. When not writing, she works full time as a physical therapist assistant and as a mom to her three-year-old son.

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