Thursday, December 22, 2016

Season's Greetings (updated)

I wish you and those who are important to you a wonderful holiday season filled with happy times and wonderful goodies to eat. Try to let tension and bad feelings go and enjoy the positive aspects of the season.

I am TRYING to catch up on some of my reviews, as well as enjoying the new releases from so many of my favorite authors. Naturally, I read things much quicker than I get them written up so the following are either part of my recently read or are near the top of the pile (0;  Maybe you'll find a title or two to spend your new GCs on!

(Please note: I am an Amazon affiliate, so clicking on the titles and buying ANYTHING during that visit may provide me with a small thank you (0;)

Update: I have been told by someone who gets my posts by e-mail that NONE of the covers showed up! I promise, my life has been really hectic...but I really did put covers in. Who knows what happened to them?

I will try again, at least putting actual titles in...and hope that they go through. My apologies!

Some of these are ADULT titles

The Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-3
M.L. Buchman

Rejoice, Dammit
Kaje Harper

Den of Wolves
Juliet Marillier

Vicky Peterwald: Rebel
Mike Shepherd

As I Am
A.M. Arthur

Dragon Spawn
(fair warning, this ended on a CLIFFHANGER!)
Eileen Wilks

At Close Range
Laura Griffin

The Night Stalkers Whitehouse (Books 4-6)
M.L. Buchman