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The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes (review)

The Trouble With Dukes

by Grace Burrowes


The gossips whisper that the new Duke of Murdoch is a brute, a murderer, and even worse--a Scot. They say he should never be trusted alone with a woman. But Megan Windham sees in Hamish something different, someone different.

No one was fiercer at war than Hamish MacHugh, though now the soldier faces a whole new battlefield: a London Season. To make his sisters happy, he'll take on any challenge--even letting their friend Miss Windham teach him to waltz. Megan isn't the least bit intimidated by his dark reputation, but Hamish senses that she's fighting battles of her own. For her, he'll become the warrior once more, and for her, he might just lose his heart.

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My review:

4.5 out of 5 stars

The Trouble With Dukes by Grace Burrowes is the first in the ‘Windham Brides’ series and introduces the vision-impaired Megan Windham, who finds a way to see Hamish McHugh clearer than any of his so-called friends and acquaintances. Hamish is struggling to adapt to his position as the new Duke of Murdoch despite his inclination to return home to Scotland, and Megan is a wonderful diversion from the burdens he willingly shoulders for his family. Unfortunately, like Hamish, Megan has her own dark past to deal with, and it may be an impossible dream to prevent the past from tarnishing any future they may have together.

This historical romance is another great story that ties in with other series by this author yet expands upon the society she is so adept at describing. I love the way the mystery unfolds about the terrible history that plagues the hero, Hamish, even as there are lighthearted moments to leaven the angst and drama. The scene with the marzipan consumption is hilarious and who can resist the image of the kilt-wearing Scots who threaten to turn Society on its ear (and not just because of the sibling brawling)? There are wonderful cameos by characters familiar to fans of the various connected series and a delicious combination of heat and cherishing that appeal to my romantic nature. The fact that neither of the main characters is the epitome of perfection makes them very appealing to me, and of course I cheered when the villain got his comeuppance, although I think some of the punishment was a bit too mild. I think this is a great introduction to this family, and threads for the next story have been deftly dangled so I am anxious to continue reading about the adventures of these charismatic folks.

A copy of this title was provided to me for review, a version of which has been submitted to Night Owl Reviews 

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