Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Breaking the Honor Code by Stanalei Fletcher (release day spotlight)

I am thrilled to showcase the newest addition to Stanalei Fletcher's delicious 'Northstar Security' series, Breaking the Honor Code, which releases today!

Stanalei is one of the authors I have the pleasure of working with at The Wild Rose Press, and in my (not so humble) opinion, the series just keeps getting better and better. This story definitely appealed to the geek in me!

Blurb:  Reformed playboy Sloan Cartland doesn’t work that hard to live down his reputation, especially when it gives him an advantage as Northstar’s profiler. But when the company’s network is hacked, he puts on his game face and joins forces with the firm’s cyber queen, Allison Richards, to track down the cyberterrorist.

Sparks fly between the total opposites as Sloan moves past Allison’s geeky-persona. The passion is unexpected but pleasurable, until Sloan receives evidence that implicates Allison as the hacker, compelling him to question her loyalty and his feelings.

Allison must choose between her heart and honor and find a way to use her formidable skills to turn the tables on her enemies before Sloan decides she’s a traitor.


Taking the opportunity to inspect her, Kane realized she wasn’t an old lady at all. The full skirt of her black cocktail dress draped over her knees and gave the illusion of being demure. But with her hands pulled behind her back, the outline of small breasts jutted temptingly forward, and the deeply scooped neckline rising from a high waistline revealed an expanse of ivory skin. Toned shoulders peeked through the sheer fluttery sleeves that barely reached her elbows. Her eyes seemed too large in the unlined smoothness of her heart-shaped face. He tried to put her appearance in context with his first impression. The silvery-white hair had thrown him off. There was no way she was the age her hair color proclaimed.


The 'Northstar Security' series

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  1. She's a new author to me. I'll have to check out her books.

  2. Thanks for shout out, ELF. Love working with you to make my stories better!

  3. I loved book one of the series. I can't wait to read the rest. I also enjoyed talking with the author of this book at writerspace chats. Hope to chat again soon!---Rae