Thursday, May 4, 2017

Show No Weakness by Joyce Holmes (review)

by Joyce Holmes

--> Show No Weakness by Joyce Holmes is a contemporary romance title that follows single mother, youth counselor Joely Sinclair as she deals with her teenage son Taylor’s growing pains and his search for an adult male role model. The conflict of continuing to keep Taylor from learning about the negative aspects of his father while keeping the boy on the straight and narrow path is almost more than the Joely can deal with, particularly once RCMP Corporal Cole Dennison gets added to the mix. Cole has his own painful past to deal with but he’s unwillingly drawn to the protective mom and her personable son. Unfortunately, both Joely and Cole need to make peace with the past before they can explore a future together.

I enjoy reading the stories penned by this talented author because they give me glimpses of a life in a country I am unfamiliar with. The realistic characters face problems that I can relate to, despite never having been in their shoes. I enjoyed seeing the flourishing of the relationship between Cole and the young man he elects to mentor, and thought the slippery slope of peer pressure was nicely depicted. The attraction that builds between the two main characters was delicious to follow, even if I did want to shake some sense into them occasionally, lol. I love stories that end with me sighing happily, and this one definitely evoked that emotion.

A copy of this story was provided to me for review

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