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Seducing Sensei by S.N. McKibben (spotlight, excerpt, character profile, and GIVEAWAY) ADULT title (BU)

Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds itó
but why here?
Seducing Sensei Book Cover


S.N. McKibben
ADULT title
Series: Notice Me Senpai Book 1
Genre:†MM Romance
Publisher: Troll River Publications
Publication Date: March 31, 2017
Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds itó but why here?
A professional teacher by day, Moriel learns that students can sometimes be the best teachers. Eighteen-year-old Scott Cooper and Itsuma Karter, two of his students share similar interestsóincluding lust for each other. Emotions flare when Itsuma challenges "Mr. Reis's" authority.
After Moriel harshly disciplines Itsuma in front of the entire class, the young student vows to regain a piece of his wounded pride back. Torn by loyalty for his smoldering friend and classmate, Scott Cooper watches his homeroom teacher with dreamy, lust-filled eyes.
The heated conflict begins a fiery battle between Itsuma and his teacher. As this passion translation becomes a lustful tale, a surprising ëhot for teacherí story becomes a love affair, and a passionate adventure.
This out of the ordinary exploration for the two students allows them entrance into a world of erotic confessions, taking them on a journey into the velvet art of seduction that begins when the fighting ends. But as their taboo sexual persuasions beckon for something more, in lies the question... do two wrongs make a right?
Moriel, Scott, and Itsuma learn the answer.



Excerpt 3

Being this close to Kai brought out all the bad memories, the pain, the trip to the hospital, the heartache, rejection, betrayal. Really, could I call him a friend? I hadn’t in a long time.

“Are you all right?” He said. But there was no concern in his eyes. Only his stubborn poker face.

I regained my balance and tried to push him away as forcefully as I could. He might as well be bolted to the ground. He didn’t even move under my hand. It was me who stumbled away. This time he didn’t motion to grab me. Thankfully I didn’t trip this time.

My body went numb. My mind went blank. My only urge was to run, flee, escape. The body shakes returned in force. There was no Itsuma to hold me this time.

“If this is how you act around me, what is the point?” He said.

“You were supposed to meet me at the grill.” I tried holding myself to put back the pieces of my failing courage.

Kai stepped into my house and shut the front door. “I would rather speak in private. I have something personal to say.”

Fucking Kai—doing whatever he pleased. He hadn’t changed. We stared at each other. Kai looked the same as he had five years ago. His black hair still shined. His short locks waved and shifted whenever he moved like a damn shampoo commercial. Those golden eyes still pierced with a laser focus that seemed to be able to physically push people away. Narrow chin, slight nose and a perfect complexion made him devilishly handsome. Operative word being devilish. But that face wouldn’t fool me anymore.

“So I have a favor,” I said.

“What? No how is life? How have you been? What is new?” Kai folded his arms as if he had a right to be pissed.

“Fuck you, you god damn asshole! You’re five fucking years too late. Go to hell!” I screamed my head off. Wetness trickled down my face. Shit. I couldn’t look at him. Not like this.

“Communication runs both ways.”

My head snapped up. “Communication? Well then you’re the worst listener ever.”

Kai breathed a sigh of relief.

My trembling became a source of energy. The energy enough to punch him in the face. “No you don’t get to come here and find resolution fucktard. You used me like a god damn toilet...” my knees wobbled. I caught myself and leaned against the back of my couch. Oh god, why did I call him?

Flashes of memory came rolling in. Six years of trying to forget him and what he did came rolling back like it was yesterday. Kai staring at me like he’d never seen blood in his whole life. The hospital. The nightmares. Watching him sling an arm around a girl, ignoring me as they passed. The pain of rejection when I needed answers and he wouldn’t return my calls.

His voiced snapped me back into the present. “Granted, I probably deserve your ire—”

“Probably?” I screamed like a woman who’d been cheated on. “Ire? No, you son-bitch, there’s no probably about it. What you did doesn’t just cause ire fuck face.”

“You always did have a flare for theatrics.”



Character Outline

1.     Name:
Scott Cooper
2.     Age:
18 years old
3.     General physical description:
6’2” Brown hair to his collar bone. Gorgeous rare smile. Medium build. Caucasian. Green eyes. Thick eyebrows. Straight nose. Thin lips. Strong chin. 
4.     Dress style:
Casual. Jeans. Belt buckle. T-shirt. Cowboy hat.
5.     What animal does this character resemble?
Timber wolf
6.     Hometown:
7.     Type of home/ neighborhood (How does it affect the character?):
8.     Relationship status:
9.     Current family (How does family affect the character?):
Aubrey – sister (16)
Timothy – brother (11)
Wuanita – mother (29)
Jack – father (35)
10.  Family background (parents, previous marriages, or relevant people, etc.):
His family has issues. His dad beats him. His mom tries to protect him and fails. He feels the need to protect his family from his father.
His mom tried to leave once. That didn’t work. He found them and brought them home. His dad isn’t a bad person, just angry that his son and possibly youngest are gay.
11.  Friends (What would friends say about this person?):
Quiet. Shy. Loyal. Keeps to himself.
12.  Other close relationships:
13.  Relationship with men:
He gets a little flustered. He knows he’s gay and accepts it, but he’s uncomfortable because he’s sensitive to how others will treat him if he starts hitting on them. He’s just not that type of guy.
14.  Relationship with women:
He’s more comfortable around women.
15.  Job:
Student, part time ranch hand
16.  What car do they have?
Old beat up ford truck
17.  Religion/Attitude toward religion:
18.  Hobbies/past times:
Riding horses, roping
19.  Favorite sports:
He’s been roping since he was 2
20.  Favorite foods:
It’s food. All of it is good.
21.  Strongest positive personality trait:
Loyal. Strong. Wise. Responsible. Caring.
22.  Strongest negative personality trait:
He won’t stick up for himself. He holds grudges a long time.
23.  Sense of humor:
Rarely smiles or laughs
24.  Temper:
Calm. Quiet. Intuitive.
25.  Habits (nervous traits):
Bounces his knee when he’s nervous
26.  Consideration for others:
He’s a little too sensitive to what others think. Especially those he loves.
27.  How other people (besides friends) see him/her:
Quiet. Calm. Shy. Loyal.
28.  Opinion of him/herself:
He’s not confident except in his horse skills.
29.  Traits to be brought out in story:
His wise intuitiveness
30.  Ambitions:
To keep his family safe.
31.  Will readers like or dislike this character, and why?
Love him

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"Seducing Sensei is a very erotic novel, so be mentally prepared before reading it. It is based on a gay theme but the presentation leans towards light-hearted. The story is unique, sexy, humorous and naughty. Worth reading at least once."
- Sheryl, Amazon Reviewer
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"A unique gay romance novel written by an author who understands the lingo and the erotica of same sex encounters"
- Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer


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