Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Newbie’s Guide to Sell More Books With Less Marketing by Chris Syme

The Newbie’s Guide to Sell More Books With Less Marketing
(SMART Marketing for Authors: Book 3)
Chris Syme
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Want to sell more books? No gimmicks, no tricks, no get-rich-quick. Just three essentials that will guide your marketing plan to produce maximum sales with a minimum time commitment over the long haul.

This book includes a free online class!

In this book, 20-year marketing veteran Chris Syme gives you a user-friendly step-by-step plan to become a successful book marketer no matter what your skills, budget, time, and backlist. Stop wasting your time trying out everything that comes along.

You’ll learn:

  • The only three strategies every author needs to sell more books.
  • How to set up a personalized marketing plan that fits your time, money, resources, skill level, and list of published titles.
  • How to write content that sells AND engages with Chris’ 80-20 Rule.
  • How to rid yourself of Marketing FOMO (the fear of missing out).
  • Which social media channels sell the most books and what to do with the rest.

˃˃˃ Learn how to match your marketing strategies to your author platform

-Set up a kick-ass email marketing system that engages new subscribers quickly and sells more books no matter how big your email list is.
-What a newbie author website should include.
-Set up one primary social media channel to engage and sell your books.
There is one sure fire way to sell more books: write more books. This guide will give you the map to navigate the marketing jungle so you can spend more time writing. Included with your purchase is a free online course to help you set up your own book marketing plan.

Get your copy right now and start spending less time marketing and more time writing.

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My review

4.5 stars

The Newbie’s Guide to Sell More Books With Less Marketing by Chris Syme is Book 3 of the ‘SMART Marketing for Authors’ series.

The title of this non-fiction self-help book is self-explanatory, and a quick peek at the table of contents shows the way the author starts with the basics and builds on each concept to walk one through the thought processes and actions needed to maximize the results of each step. I love the straightforward and simple language that reminds one to work within one’s budget and have realistic expectations. Even better, research studies are liberally cited to back up the sometimes eye-opening premises such as the effectiveness or lack thereof of certain types of social media. There are very nice bonuses, such as the online course that is included, the reference sites that are given, and, above all, the encouragement offered.

There are excellent take-away messages that are clearly laid out, for those at various stages of tech savvy and authorship, and I can’t imagine anyone not finding this to be a valuable resource. I am fascinated to compare the advice given with the interactions I have as a reader and find how nicely it dovetails with my own experiences. Truly, presenting an excellent product then forming a connection with a reader that converts him or her into a loyal follower is great advice, and this book gives a blueprint that will aid one in achieving that goal.

A copy of this title was provided to me for review

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  1. Thank you for the great review. I picked up a copy of this :)