Friday, June 16, 2017

The Ripped Bodice and Lady Jane's Salon, OC in celebration of LGBTQ Pride month

The final meeting of the Orange County Lady Jane's Salon at the Ripped Bodice in Culver City took place last Sunday, June 11, 2017. In celebration of LGBTQ month, a delightful combination of authors read excerpts from their works. These are ADULT titles!

I was particularly thrilled that the delightful Tara Lain was one of those featured, and it was lovely listening to her read. My apologies that some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy (and yes, I did tell the proprietors that they had a typo on their fun display, lol)

Tara Lain was on last, but not least, and read from her book, The Chauffeur's Son.

Tara Lain with just a few of her wonderful books

The lovely Melanie Hansen read from her book, Unquiet. It wasn't until I looked her up later that I realized I had read and was really impressed by her story, Signs of Life, which was definitely full of emotion and angst! My review for that one is at this link.

We had the opportunity to hear the charming Caraway Carter, who read from his sizzling erotic short story, The Doctor and the Mechanic, but got a little flustered reading his graphic m/m descriptions to a primarily female audience, lol. I was impressed he was able to read for so long...I'm tongue-tied in front of an audience no matter what I'm reading, lol.

Laina Villeneuve shared passages from her book, Return to Paradise, and I have to say, I agree...the horse Houdini is a great secondary character, lol. I probably will still mangle her name if I ever meet her again in person...I THINK it's something like...vil-nwev...but I am very much at the beginning of French lessons, lol.

And, the talented Louisa Bacio graciously hosted temporarily and then read excerpts from her mermaid tale (sorry, I didn't catch the title), but I do see she is part of a boxed set (Steamy and Dreamy) that released earlier this year and is only $.99 at the time I am writing this and also

Kudos to the Ripped Bodice for holding events like this. I wish the turnout was a little larger, but hopefully it will grow as more folks get familiar with the store and its events. I love chats that allow readers to interact with authors...and even if you live somewhere that is not as accessible for these kinds of events, don't forget there are online chats (e.g. on various nights and Night Owl Reviews every other Monday). Check the schedule, they're held in early evening for us west coast folks but it is later for other areas.

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